1936 Men's Olympic Hockey

Year Index: 

Host: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Date Started: February 6, 1936
Date Ended: February 16, 1936

Format: Round-robin pools, followed by round-robin semi-finals and medal rounds.

Gold: Great Britain
Silver: Canada
Bronze: United States

Final Standings

Final Standings Table
Rank Team W L T G GA PTS SRS SOS Medal
1uk  Great Britain502173122.60.6 Gold
2ca  Canada710547145.3-0.6 Silver
3us  United States521104111.81.0 Bronze
4cs  Czechoslovakia530161610-0.7-0.7
5de  Germany32110971.31.1
5se  Sweden2305740.10.5
7at  Austria240121140.1-0.1
7hu  Hungary24016274-2.5-0.7
9fr  France120472-4.7-3.7
9it  Italy120252-0.10.9
9jp  Japan020050-1.11.4
9pl  Poland12011122-0.7-0.4
13be  Belgium0304200-8.0-2.6
13lv  Latvia0303270-6.41.6
13ch  Switzerland120152-0.31.0

Schedule & Results

Schedule & Results Table
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
1Thu, Feb 6, 1936Box ScoreGroup ACanada8Poland1
2Thu, Feb 6, 1936Box ScoreGroup BUnited States1Germany0
3Thu, Feb 6, 1936Box ScoreGroup CHungary11Belgium2
4Thu, Feb 6, 1936Box ScoreGroup DSweden2Japan0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
5Fri, Feb 7, 1936Box ScoreGroup ACanada11Latvia0
6Fri, Feb 7, 1936Box ScoreGroup BUnited States3Switzerland0
7Fri, Feb 7, 1936Box ScoreGroup BGermany3Italy0
8Fri, Feb 7, 1936Box ScoreGroup CHungary3France0
9Fri, Feb 7, 1936Box ScoreGroup CCzechoslovakia5Belgium0
10Fri, Feb 7, 1936Box ScoreGroup DGreat Britain1Sweden0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
11Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup APoland9Latvia2
12Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup ACanada5Austria2
13Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup BItaly2United States1
14Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup BGermany2Switzerland0
15Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup CFrance4Belgium2
16Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup CCzechoslovakia3Hungary0
17Sat, Feb 8, 1936Box ScoreGroup DGreat Britain3Japan0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
18Sun, Feb 9, 1936Box ScoreGroup AAustria7Latvia1
19Sun, Feb 9, 1936Box ScoreGroup BSwitzerland1Italy0
20Sun, Feb 9, 1936Box ScoreGroup CCzechoslovakia2France0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
21Tue, Feb 11, 1936Box ScoreGroup AGermany2Hungary1
22Tue, Feb 11, 1936Box ScoreGroup AGreat Britain2Canada1
23Tue, Feb 11, 1936Box ScoreGroup BUnited States2Czechoslovakia0
24Tue, Feb 11, 1936Box ScoreGroup BSweden1Austria0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
25Wed, Feb 12, 1936Box ScoreGroup ACanada15Hungary0
26Wed, Feb 12, 1936Box ScoreGroup AGreat Britain1Germany1
27Wed, Feb 12, 1936Box ScoreGroup BCzechoslovakia4Sweden1
28Wed, Feb 12, 1936Box ScoreGroup BUnited States1Austria0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
29Thu, Feb 13, 1936Box ScoreGroup AGreat Britain5Hungary1
30Thu, Feb 13, 1936Box ScoreGroup ACanada6Germany2
31Thu, Feb 13, 1936Box ScoreGroup BCzechoslovakia2Austria1
32Thu, Feb 13, 1936Box ScoreGroup BUnited States2Sweden1
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
33Fri, Feb 14, 1936Box ScoreFinal RoundGreat Britain5Czechoslovakia0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
34Sat, Feb 15, 1936Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada7Czechoslovakia0
35Sat, Feb 15, 1936Box ScoreFinal RoundGreat Britain0United States0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
36Sun, Feb 16, 1936Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada1United States0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
37Thu, Feb 8, 1940Box ScoreGroup AAustria2Poland1
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