1964 Men's Olympic Hockey

Year Index: 

Host: Innsbruck, Austria

Date Started: January 27, 1964
Date Ended: February 9, 1964

Format: Qualifying round placed teams into final and consolation round-robin pools.

Gold: Soviet Union
Silver: Sweden
Bronze: Czechoslovakia

Final Standings

Final Standings Table
Rank Team W L T G GA PTS SRS SOS Medal
1su  Soviet Union80073111610.02.3 Gold
2se  Sweden6205918127.92.7 Silver
3cs  Czechoslovakia6205521127.33.0 Bronze
4ca  Canada6204618126.53.0
5us  United States350363563.73.6
6fi  Finland350183361.83.7
7de  Germany350155060.04.4
8ch  Switzerland17014582-1.14.4
9pl  Poland620411512-1.1-4.4
10no  Norway530412410-2.2-4.4
11jp  Japan43137489-4.4-3.0
12ro  Romania34133357-3.8-3.6
13at  Austria34126367-4.9-3.7
14yu  Yugoslavia34130517-5.6-3.0
15it  Italy26026544-6.2-2.7
16hu  Hungary08015580-7.7-2.3

Schedule & Results

Schedule & Results Table
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
1Mon, Jan 27, 1964Box ScoreQualifying RoundCanada14Yugoslavia1
2Mon, Jan 27, 1964Box ScoreQualifying RoundSwitzerland5Norway1
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
3Tue, Jan 28, 1964Box ScoreQualifying RoundSoviet Union19Hungary1
4Tue, Jan 28, 1964Box ScoreQualifying RoundSweden12Italy2
5Tue, Jan 28, 1964Box ScoreQualifying RoundCzechoslovakia17Japan2
6Tue, Jan 28, 1964Box ScoreQualifying RoundUnited States7Romania2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
7Wed, Jan 29, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union5United States1
8Wed, Jan 29, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCzechoslovakia11Germany1
9Wed, Jan 29, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada8Switzerland0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
10Thu, Jan 30, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundFinland4Switzerland0
11Thu, Jan 30, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada3Sweden1
12Thu, Jan 30, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundPoland6Romania1
13Thu, Jan 30, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundItaly6Hungary4
14Thu, Jan 30, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundAustria6Yugoslavia2
15Thu, Jan 30, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundJapan4Norway3
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
16Fri, Jan 31, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundUnited States8Germany0
17Fri, Jan 31, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union7Czechoslovakia5
18Fri, Jan 31, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundPoland4Norway2
19Fri, Jan 31, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundJapan6Romania4
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
20Sat, Feb 1, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCzechoslovakia4Finland0
21Sat, Feb 1, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union15Switzerland0
22Sat, Feb 1, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSweden7United States4
23Sat, Feb 1, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundAustria3Hungary0
24Sat, Feb 1, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundYugoslavia5Italy3
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
25Sun, Feb 2, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada4Germany2
26Sun, Feb 2, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSweden7Finland0
27Sun, Feb 2, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundNorway9Italy2
28Sun, Feb 2, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundRomania5Yugoslavia5
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
29Mon, Feb 3, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada8United States6
30Mon, Feb 3, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundPoland6Hungary2
31Mon, Feb 3, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundAustria5Japan5
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
32Tue, Feb 4, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union10Finland0
33Tue, Feb 4, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCzechoslovakia5Switzerland1
34Tue, Feb 4, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSweden10Germany2
35Tue, Feb 4, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundYugoslavia6Japan4
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
36Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCanada6Finland2
37Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSweden12Switzerland0
38Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union10Germany0
39Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCzechoslovakia7United States1
40Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundPoland7Italy0
41Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundRomania5Austria2
42Wed, Feb 5, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundNorway6Hungary1
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
43Thu, Feb 6, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundAustria5Italy3
44Thu, Feb 6, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundYugoslavia4Hungary2
45Thu, Feb 6, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundJapan4Poland3
46Thu, Feb 6, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundNorway4Romania2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
47Fri, Feb 7, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundGermany6Switzerland5
48Fri, Feb 7, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundFinland3United States2
49Fri, Feb 7, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union4Sweden2
50Fri, Feb 7, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundCzechoslovakia3Canada1
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
51Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundGermany2Finland1
52Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundUnited States7Switzerland3
53Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSoviet Union3Canada2
54Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreFinal RoundSweden8Czechoslovakia3
55Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundNorway8Austria2
56Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundPoland9Yugoslavia3
57Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundRomania6Italy2
58Sat, Feb 8, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundJapan6Hungary2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
59Sun, Feb 9, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundPoland5Austria1
60Sun, Feb 9, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundRomania8Hungary3
61Sun, Feb 9, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundItaly8Japan6
62Sun, Feb 9, 1964Box ScoreConsolation RoundNorway8Yugoslavia4
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
63Mon, Jan 29, 1968Box ScoreQualifying RoundFinland8Austria2
64Mon, Jan 29, 1968Box ScoreQualifying RoundGermany2Poland1
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