1998 Men's Olympic Hockey

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Host: Nagano, Japan

Date Started: February 7, 1998
Date Ended: February 22, 1998

Format: Round-robin pools, followed by classification rounds, and single-elimination matches. Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Sweden, and United States directly qualified for preliminary round.

Gold: Czech Republic
Silver: Russia
Bronze: Finland

Final Standings

Final Standings Table
Rank Team W L T G GA PTS SRS SOS Medal
1cz  Czech Republic510186104.22.2 Gold
2ru  Russia5102612104.21.9 Silver
3fi  Finland330201962.82.7 Bronze
4ca  Canada42019883.21.4
5by  Belarus24119235-0.20.4
5kz  Kazakhstan24121405-2.40.3
5se  Sweden22012942.51.7
5us  United States13091421.22.4
9de  Germany31011116-2.5-2.5
10sk  Slovakia12111133-3.9-3.4
11fr  France2201094-2.4-2.6
12it  Italy13012162-4.2-3.2
13jp  Japan1218133-3.6-2.3
14at  Austria02212152-4.3-3.5

Schedule & Results

Schedule & Results Table
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
1Sat, Feb 7, 1998Box ScoreGroup AKazakhstan5Italy3
2Sat, Feb 7, 1998Box ScoreGroup AAustria2Slovakia2
3Sat, Feb 7, 1998Box ScoreGroup BGermany3Japan1
4Sat, Feb 7, 1998Box ScoreGroup BBelarus4France0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
5Sun, Feb 8, 1998Box ScoreGroup AAustria5Kazakhstan5
6Sun, Feb 8, 1998Box ScoreGroup ASlovakia4Italy3
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
7Mon, Feb 9, 1998Box ScoreGroup BBelarus8Germany2
8Mon, Feb 9, 1998Box ScoreGroup BFrance5Japan2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
9Tue, Feb 10, 1998Box ScoreGroup AKazakhstan4Slovakia3
10Tue, Feb 10, 1998Box ScoreGroup AItaly5Austria2
11Tue, Feb 10, 1998Box ScoreGroup BBelarus2Japan2
12Tue, Feb 10, 1998Box ScoreGroup BGermany2France0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
13Thu, Feb 12, 1998Box ScoreFinal RoundGermany4Slovakia2
14Thu, Feb 12, 1998Box ScoreFinal RoundFrance5Italy1
15Thu, Feb 12, 1998Box ScoreFinal RoundAustria3Japan3
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
16Fri, Feb 13, 1998Box ScoreGroup CCzech Republic3Finland0
17Fri, Feb 13, 1998Box ScoreGroup CRussia9Kazakhstan2
18Fri, Feb 13, 1998Box ScoreGroup DSweden4United States2
19Fri, Feb 13, 1998Box ScoreGroup DCanada5Belarus0
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
20Sat, Feb 14, 1998Box ScoreGroup DUnited States5Belarus2
21Sat, Feb 14, 1998Box ScoreGroup DCanada3Sweden2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
22Sun, Feb 15, 1998Box ScoreGroup CRussia4Finland3
23Sun, Feb 15, 1998Box ScoreGroup CCzech Republic8Kazakhstan2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
24Mon, Feb 16, 1998Box ScoreGroup CFinland8Kazakhstan2
25Mon, Feb 16, 1998Box ScoreGroup CRussia2Czech Republic1
26Mon, Feb 16, 1998Box ScoreGroup DCanada4United States1
27Mon, Feb 16, 1998Box ScoreGroup DSweden5Belarus2
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
28Wed, Feb 18, 1998Box ScoreQuarter-FinalsCzech Republic4United States1
29Wed, Feb 18, 1998Box ScoreQuarter-FinalsRussia4Belarus1
30Wed, Feb 18, 1998Box ScoreQuarter-FinalsCanada4Kazakhstan1
31Wed, Feb 18, 1998Box ScoreQuarter-FinalsFinland2Sweden1
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
32Fri, Feb 20, 1998Box ScoreSemi-FinalsCanada1Czech Republic1
33Fri, Feb 20, 1998Box ScoreSemi-FinalsRussia7Finland4
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
34Sat, Feb 21, 1998Box ScoreFinal RoundFinland3Canada2Bronze Medal Game
Rk Date Team Opponent Notes
35Sun, Feb 22, 1998Box ScoreFinal RoundCzech Republic1Russia0Gold Medal Game