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NHL Standard career statistics
Scoring Goals Assists Shots Ice Time
Season Age Tm Lg GP G A PTS +/- PIM EV PP SH GW EV PP SH S S% TOI ATOI Awards
10 yrsBOSNHL6312646248885749241747416263572363129858.8
2 yrsCBHNHL266212782942009120738.2
Career12 yrsNHL6572706459155829531787616263662483130588.8
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Bobby Orr had four 120-point seasons. Can you name the only five players with more?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Bobby Orr?

Bobby Orr is 76 years old.

When was Bobby Orr born?

Bobby Orr was born on March 20, 1948.

Where was Bobby Orr born?

Bobby Orr was born in Parry Sound, Canada.

How tall is Bobby Orr?

Bobby Orr is 6-0 (183 cm) tall.

How much did Bobby Orr weigh when playing?

Bobby Orr weighed 197 lbs (89 kg) when playing.

Is Bobby Orr in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Bobby Orr was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a Player in 1979.

How many goals did Bobby Orr have?

Bobby Orr had 270 goals over his career.

How many points did Bobby Orr have?

Bobby Orr had 915 points over his career.

How many Stanley Cups has Bobby Orr won?

Bobby Orr has won 2 Stanley Cups as a player.

When did Bobby Orr retire?

Bobby Orr last played in 1979.