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Icings: Check Out Puck Prospectus’ Downloadable GVT Spreadsheet; Buy Their Book

Posted by Neil Paine on September 27, 2010

Here at Hockey-Reference, we're big fans of Puck Prospectus (soon to be Hockey Prospectus). I've corresponded with Tom Awad for years, and I think his Goals Versus Threshold (GVT) stat is clearly in the same discussion as baseball's WAR in terms of being the killer all-in-one stat for its respective sport. That's why I'm thrilled that Tom has uploaded his all-time GVT database (updated thru the 1st round of last season's playoffs) for public consumption. Check it out!

Also, once you do that, you probably will find yourself wanting to order the new Puck Prospectus book, available in hard copy or .PDF format. For my money, there's no better way to prepare for the upcoming season.

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