Beauport Harfangs (QMJHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Barnaby, MatthewRWOttawa, ONCA1992-200783411318730025621992-4 (83) by BUF
Gagne, SimonLWSte. Foy, QCCA1999-20158222913106013281998-1 (22) by PHI
Belanger, EricCSherbrooke, QCCA2000-20138201382203583611996-4 (96) by LAK
Daze, EricRWMontreal, QCCA1994-20066012261723981761993-4 (90) by CHI
Roy, AndreRWPort Chester, NYUS1995-200951535336811691994-6 (151) by BOS
Biron, MartinGLac-St-Charles, QCCA1995-20145080141481230.910281995-1 (16) by BUF
Tremblay, YannickDPointe-aux-Trembles, QCCA1996-200739038871251781995-6 (145) by TOR
Laflamme, ChristianDSt-Charles, QCCA1996-2004324245472821995-2 (45) by CHI
Chouinard, MarcCCharlesbourg, QCCA2000-20073203741781231995-2 (32) by WIN
Grand-Pierre, Jean-LucDMontreal, QCCA1998-2004269713203111995-7 (179) by STL
Leroux, Jean-YvesLWMontreal, QCCA1996-20012201622381461994-2 (40) by CHI
Dwyer, GordieLWDalhousie, NBCA1999-20041080553941996-3 (67) by STL
Cote, PatrickLWLaSalle, QCCA1995-20011051233771995-2 (37) by DAL
Walser, DerrickDNew Glasgow, NSCA2001-2007918212956
MacLean, DonCSydney, NSCA1997-200741851361995-2 (33) by LAK
Cousineau, MarcelGDelson, QCCA1996-20002601104.90011991-3 (62) by BOS
Mathieu, MarquisCHartford, CTUS1998-20011602214
Trudel, Jean-GuyLWSudbury, ONCA1999-200350004
Royer, GaetanRWDonnacona, QCCA2001-200230002