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Players who played for multiple teams
Find all the players who played for some combination of teams. Can also request a list of players who played exclusively for those teams.

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Players born in a given province or state.

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Players born in a given year.

Player Birthdays
Players born today or any other day.

Milestone Watch
Track players who are approaching milestones in various catgories.

NHL Player Pronunciation Guide
Our unofficial guide to the pronunciations of players' names

NHL Sweater Numbers
Players who wore a given sweater number.

Most Franchises and Teams Played For
List of players who played for the most team in one season.

Current NHL Player Salaries
Ordered list of players and their current salary and cap hit.

All-Time Playoff Overtime Goals
Ordered list of players and their current salary and cap hit.

Hockey Player Twitter Accounts
List of all players with an account.

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NHL Daily Leaders and Top Performers
Daily stat leaders for any given date.

NHL Playoff Predictions and Probabilities
Gaze into our crystal ball to see who will make the playoffs.

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