Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Tanguay, AlexLWSte-Justine, QCCA1999-201610882835808635271998-1 (12) by COL
Voracek, JakubRWKladnoCS2008-20209082074786854612007-1 (7) by CBJ
Marchand, BradLWHalifax, NSCA2009-20207442863516377442006-3 (71) by BOS
Shelley, JodyLWThompson, MBCA2000-20136271836541538
Giguere, Jean-SebastienGMontreal, QCCA1996-201459707798262.913381995-1 (13) by HAR
MacKinnon, NathanCHalifax, NSCA2013-20205171882984861972013-1 (1) by COL
Nagy, LadislavLWSacaCS1999-20084351151963113581997-7 (177) by STL
Jurcina, MilanDLiptovsky MikulasCS2005-20124302259812802001-8 (241) by BOS
Ehlers, NikolajLWAalborgDK2015-20203621121372491302014-1 (9) by WPG
Drouin, JonathanLWSte-Agathe, QCCA2014-2020348671422091242013-1 (3) by TBL
Chouinard, MarcCCharlesbourg, QCCA2000-20073203741781231995-2 (32) by WIN
Meier, TimoRWHerisauCH2016-202025574751491562015-1 (9) by SJS
Picard, AlexandreDGatineau, QCCA2005-2012253195069862003-3 (85) by PHI
Hischier, NicoCBrigCH2017-20202015082132602017-1 (1) by NJD
DiPenta, JoeDBarrie, ONCA2002-2008174617231101998-3 (61) by FLA
Leclaire, PascalGRepentigny, QCCA2003-2011173044861.904102001-1 (8) by CBJ
Weegar, MacKenzieDOttawa, ONCA2016-20201651128391242013-7 (206) by FLA
MacDonald, JoeyGPictou, NSCA2006-2014133011844.9022
Abid, RamziLWMontreal, QCCA2002-200768141630781998-2 (28) by COL
Abid, RamziLWMontreal, QCCA2002-200768141630782000-3 (85) by PHX
King, JasonCCorner Brook, NLCA2002-20085912112382001-7 (212) by VAN
Bodnarchuk, AndrewDDrumheller, ABCA2009-201642044162006-5 (128) by BOS
Zadina, FilipRWPardubiceCZ2018-202037991822018-1 (6) by DET
Flinn, RyanLWHalifax, NSCA2001-200631101841998-5 (143) by NJD
Houde, EricCMontreal, QCCA1996-19993023541995-9 (216) by MTL
Vrana, PetrCSternberkCS2008-20091610122003-2 (42) by NJD
Reid, BrandonCKirkland, QCCA2002-20071324602000-7 (208) by VAN
Brine, DavidCTruro, NSCA2007-200890114
Grenier, AlexandreRWLaval, QCCA2015-2017900022011-3 (90) by VAN
Dusablon, BenoitCSte Anne de la Perad, QCCA2003-200430002
Duchesne, JeremyGSilver Spring, MDUS2009-2010100000.75002005-4 (119) by PHI