Niagara Falls Flyers (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Gartner, MikeRWOttawa, ONCA1979-19981432708627133511591979-1 (4) by WSH
Larmer, SteveRWPeterborough, ONCA1980-1995100644157110125321980-6 (120) by CHI
Osborne, MarkLWToronto, ONCA1981-199591921231953111521980-3 (46) by DET
Gillis, PaulCToronto, ONCA1982-19936248815424215011982-2 (34) by QUE
McBain, AndrewRWScarborough, ONCA1983-19946081291723016311983-1 (8) by WIN
McClelland, KevinRWOshawa, ONCA1981-19945886811218016701980-4 (71) by HAR
Franceschetti, LouRWToronto, ONCA1981-199245959811407471978-5 (71) by WSH
Ludzik, SteveCToronto, ONCA1981-199042446931393331980-2 (28) by CHI
Stewart, BillDToronto, ONCA1977-1986261764714241977-4 (68) by BUF
Root, BillDToronto, ONCA1982-1988247112334180
Froese, BobGSt. Catharines, ONCA1982-19902420101090128.890131978-10 (160) by STL
Renaud, MarkDWindsor, ONCA1979-198415265056861979-5 (102) by HAR
Evans, DarylLWToronto, ONCA1981-1987113223052251980-9 (178) by LAK
Jackson, JimLWOshawa, ONCA1982-198811217304720
LaForest, MarkGWelland, ONCA1985-19941030666525.8682
Graham, PatLWToronto, ONCA1981-19841031117281361980-6 (114) by PIT
Schliebener, AndyDOttawa, ONCA1981-19858421113741980-3 (49) by VAN
Friest, RonLWWindsor, ONCA1980-1983647714191
Gibson, JohnDSt. Catharines, ONCA1980-1984480221201979-4 (71) by LAK
Meighan, RonDMontreal, QCCA1981-1983483710181981-1 (13) by MNS
Botell, MarkDScarborough, ONCA1981-19823241014311980-8 (168) by PHI
Dwyer, MikeLWBrampton, ONCA1978-198231268251977-5 (74) by CLR
Ricci, NickGNiagara Falls, ONCA1979-19831900027.85701979-5 (94) by PIT
Thornbury, TomDLindsay, ONCA1983-198414189161981-3 (49) by PIT
Rioux, GerryRWIroquois Falls, ONCA1979-198080006
Dallman, MartyCNiagara Falls, ONCA1987-1989601101981-4 (81) by LAK
LaForest, BobRWSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1983-1984510121983-5 (87) by LAK
Scruton, HowardDToronto, ONCA1982-198340449
Peters, SteveCPeterborough, ONCA1979-1980201101979-4 (64) by CLR
McLellan, ScottRWToronto, ONCA1982-1983200001981-4 (77) by BOS
Eatough, JeffRWToronto, ONCA1981-1982100001981-4 (80) by BUF