Ottawa 67's (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Roberts, GaryLWNorth York, ONCA1986-2009122443847291025601984-1 (12) by CGY
Draper, KrisCToronto, ONCA1990-201111571612033647901989-3 (62) by WIN
Campbell, BrianDStrathroy, ONCA1999-20171082874175042771997-6 (156) by BUF
Smith, BobbyCNorth Sydney, NSCA1978-1993107735767910369191978-1 (1) by MNS
Potvin, DenisDOttawa, ONCA1973-19881060310742105213561973-1 (1) by NYI
Wilson, DougDOttawa, ONCA1977-199310242375908278301977-1 (6) by CHI
Cassels, AndrewCBramalea, ONCA1989-200610152045287324101987-1 (17) by MTL
Donovan, SheanRWTimmins, ONCA1994-20109511121292417051993-2 (28) by SJS
Crossman, DougDPeterborough, ONCA1980-19949141053594645341979-6 (112) by CHI
Cunneyworth, RandyLWEtobicoke, ONCA1980-199986618922541412821980-8 (167) by BUF
Peca, MichaelCToronto, ONCA1993-20098641762894657981992-2 (40) by VAN
Simon, ChrisLWWawa, ONCA1992-200878214416130518241990-2 (25) by PHI
Merrick, WayneCSarnia, ONCA1972-19847741912654563031972-1 (9) by STL
Gavin, StewLWOttawa, ONCA1980-19937681301552855841980-4 (74) by TOR
Clement, BillCThurso, QCCA1971-19827191482083563831970-2 (18) by PHI
Creighton, AdamCBurlington, ONCA1983-199770818721640310771983-1 (11) by BUF
Higgins, TimRWOttawa, ONCA1978-19897061541983527191978-1 (10) by CHI
Marshall, GrantRWMississauga, ONCA1994-2006700921472397931992-1 (23) by TOR
Couture, LoganCGuelph, ONCA2009-20206922482875351892007-1 (9) by SJS
Young, TimCScarborough, ONCA1975-19856291953415364381975-1 (16) by LAK
Turnbull, IanDMontreal, QCCA1973-19836281233174407361973-1 (15) by TOR
McGinn, JamieLWFergus, ONCA2008-20196171171032202672006-2 (36) by SJS
Potvin, JeanDOttawa, ONCA1970-198161363224287478
Payne, SteveLWToronto, ONCA1978-19886132282384664351978-2 (19) by MNS
Boynton, NickDNobleton, ONCA1999-2011605341101448621999-1 (21) by BOS
Boynton, NickDNobleton, ONCA1999-2011605341101448621997-1 (9) by WSH
Wilson, BehnDToronto, ONCA1978-19886019826135914801978-1 (6) by PHI
Fox, JimRWConiston, ONCA1980-19905781862934791431980-1 (10) by LAK
Dunlop, BlakeCHamilton, ONCA1973-19845501302744041721973-2 (18) by MNS
Smith, DougCOttawa, ONCA1981-19905351151382536241981-1 (2) by LAK
McAdam, GaryLWSmiths Falls, ONCA1975-1986534961322282431975-3 (53) by BUF
Monahan, SeanCBrampton, ONCA2013-20205001782063841002013-1 (6) by CGY
McCauley, AlynCBrockville, ONCA1997-200748869971661161995-4 (79) by NJD
Toffoli, TylerCScarborough, ONCA2012-20204851271422691402010-2 (47) by LAK
Ceci, CodyDOttawa, ONCA2013-20204703390123982012-1 (15) by OTT
Bell, MarkCSt. Pauls, ONCA2000-201245087951826021998-1 (8) by CHI
Hospodar, EdDBowling Green, OHUS1979-198845017516813141979-2 (34) by NYR
Lee, PeterRWEllesmereGB1977-19834311141312452571976-1 (12) by MTL
Rychel, WarrenLWTecumseh, ONCA1988-19994063839771422
Miller, BobCMedford, MAUS1977-1985404751191942201976-4 (70) by BOS
Bickell, BryanLWBowmanville, ONCA2006-201739566701361922004-2 (41) by CHI
Wilson, MurrayLWToronto, ONCA1972-197938694951891621971-1 (11) by MTL
Shaw, BradDCambridge, ONCA1985-1999377221371592081982-5 (86) by DET
Weekes, KevinGToronto, ONCA1997-200934803318105.903191993-2 (41) by FLA
Konopka, ZenonCNiagara on the Lake, ONCA2005-20143461218301082
Jarry, PierreLWMontreal, QCCA1971-1978344881172051421969-1 (12) by NYR
Lemay, MoeLWSaskatoon, SKCA1981-198931772941664421981-5 (105) by VAN
Larocque, MichelGHull, QCCA1973-19843120181818160.882171972-1 (6) by MTL
Murray, TerryDShawville, QCCA1972-1982303476801991970-7 (88) by OAK
Konecny, TravisCLondon, ONCA2016-202026169821511432015-1 (24) by PHI
Boyd, RandyDConiston, ONCA1981-19892572067873281980-3 (51) by PIT
Belanger, KenLWSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1994-20062481112236951992-7 (153) by HAR
Mrazek, PetrGOstravaCS2012-202024103310112.910202010-5 (141) by DET
Staubitz, BradRWBright's Grove, ONCA2008-2013230101121521
Laframboise, PeteLW/COttawa, ONCA1971-1975227335588701970-2 (19) by OAK
Prince, ShaneCRochester, NYUS2014-2018128122638392011-2 (61) by OTT
Joslin, DerekDRichmond Hill, ONCA2008-201311641216632005-5 (149) by SJS
Latta, MichaelCSt. Clements, ONCA2013-2016113413171302009-3 (72) by NSH
Roberts, JimLWToronto, ONCA1976-1979106172340331976-2 (31) by MNS
Bell, BrendanDOttawa, ONCA2005-201210272128512001-3 (65) by TOR
Smith, DerekDBelleville, ONCA2009-2014942121424
Washburn, SteveCOttawa, ONCA1995-200193141529421993-3 (78) by FLA
Blandisi, JosephCMarkham, ONCA2015-20209192029702012-6 (162) by COL
Nemirovsky, DavidRWToronto, ONCA1995-199991162238421994-4 (84) by FLA
McSheffrey, BryanRWOttawa, ONCA1972-19759013720441972-2 (19) by VAN
McGinn, TyeLWFergus, ONCA2012-2016899817442010-4 (119) by PHI
Pang, DarrenGMeaford, ONCA1984-198981099627.8820
Bourbonnais, RickRWToronto, ONCA1975-19787191524291975-4 (63) by STL
Larose, GuyCHull, QCCA1988-19947010919631985-11 (224) by BUF
Graovac, TylerCBrampton, ONCA2014-2020709211142011-7 (191) by MIN
Nahrgang, JimDMillbank, ONCA1974-19775751217341971-7 (86) by DET
Foy, MattRWOakville, ONCA2005-2008566713482002-6 (175) by MIN
Skinner, LarryCVancouver, BCCA1976-19804710122281976-6 (92) by KCS
Holmes, WarrenCBeeton, ONCA1981-1984458182671977-5 (85) by LAK
Mancari, MarkRWLondon, ONCA2006-20124231013222004-7 (207) by BUF
Kitchen, BillDSchomberg, ONCA1981-19854114540
Cassidy, BruceDOttawa, ONCA1983-19903641317101983-1 (18) by CHI
Rodney, BryanDLondon, ONCA2008-2012341121312
Snell, ChrisDRegina, SKCA1993-199534279241991-7 (145) by BUF
Howse, DonLWGrand Falls, NLCA1979-1980332576
Masters, JamieDToronto, ONCA1975-1979331131421975-2 (36) by STL
Paterson, MarkDOttawa, ONCA1982-198629336331982-2 (35) by HAR
Price, TomDToronto, ONCA1974-197929022121974-4 (57) by CGS
Kaspar, LukasRWMostCS2007-20091622482004-1 (22) by SJS
Lessard, RickDTimmins, ONCA1988-199215044181986-7 (142) by CGY
Ambroziak, PeterLWToronto, ONCA1994-19951201101991-4 (72) by BUF
Gagnon, SeanDSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1997-20011201134
Warner, BobDGrimsby, ONCA1976-1977101124
Locke, CoreyCToronto, ONCA2007-2011901102003-4 (113) by MTL
Gratton, DanCBrantford, ONCA1987-1988710151985-1 (10) by LAK
Middleton, JacobDWainwright, ABCA2018-2020401122014-7 (210) by LAK
Lenarduzzi, MikeGLondon, ONCA1992-1994400001.89901990-3 (57) by HAR
Forey, ConnieLWMontreal, QCCA1973-1974400021970-4 (49) by PIT
Mika, PetrLWPragueCS1999-2000300001997-4 (85) by NYI
Hepple, AlanDBlaydon-on-TyneGB1983-1986300071982-9 (169) by NJD
Kemp, KevinDOttawa, ONCA1980-1981300041974-8 (138) by TOR
English, JohnDToronto, ONCA1987-1988313441984-3 (48) by LAK
McFarland, JohnLWRichmond Hill, ONCA2015-2016300002010-2 (33) by FLA
Petruzalek, JakubC/RWMostCS2008-2009201102004-9 (266) by NYR
Joly, YvanRWHawkesbury, ONCA1980-1983200001979-5 (100) by MTL
Morton, DeanDPeterborough, ONCA1989-1990110121986-8 (148) by DET
Cuma, TylerDToronto, ONCA2011-2012100022008-1 (23) by MIN
Sellars, LukeDToronto, ONCA2001-2002100021999-2 (30) by ATL
Skaare, BjornCOsloNO1978-1979100001978-4 (62) by DET
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