Quebec Remparts (QMJHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Lowe, KevinDLachute, QCCA1979-199812548434743114981979-1 (21) by EDM
Côté, SylvainDQuebec, QCCA1984-200311711223134355451984-1 (11) by HAR
Lafleur, GuyRWThurso, QCCA1971-1991112656079313533991971-1 (1) by MTL
Goulet, MichelLWPeribonka, QCCA1979-1994108954860511538251979-1 (20) by QUE
Duchesne, GaétanLWLes Saulles, QCCA1981-199510281792544336171981-8 (152) by WSH
Marois, MarioDQuebec City, QCCA1977-19929567635743317461977-4 (62) by NYR
Larouche, PierreCTaschereau, QCCA1974-19888123954278222371974-1 (8) by PIT
Savard, AndréCTemiscamingue, QCCA1973-19857902112714824111973-1 (6) by BOS
Rochefort, NormandDTrois-Rivieres, QCCA1980-1994598391191585701980-2 (24) by QUE
Chouinard, GuyCQuebec City, QCCA1974-19845782053705751201974-2 (28) by ATF
Richard, JacquesLWQuebec City, QCCA1972-19835561601873473071972-1 (2) by ATF
Erne, AdamLWNew Haven, CTUS2016-20243784150911802013-2 (33) by TBL
Pichette, DaveDGrand Falls, NLCA1980-198832241140181348
Cloutier, RéalRWSte-Emile, QCCA1979-19853181461983441191976-1 (9) by CHI
Lacroix, PierreDQuebec City, QCCA1979-1983274241081321971979-5 (104) by QUE
Doré, AndréDMontreal, QCCA1978-19852571481952611978-4 (60) by NYR
Lupien, GillesDLachute, QCCA1977-1982226525304161974-2 (33) by MTL
Aubry, PierreLWCap-de-la-Madeleine, QCCA1980-1985201242650133
Bowness, RickRWMoncton, NBCA1975-19811731837551911975-2 (26) by ATF
Romano, RobertoGMontreal, QCCA1982-1994126011646.8794
Côté, AlainDMontmagny, QCCA1985-1994119218201241985-2 (31) by BOS
Roberge, MarioLWQuebec City, QCCA1990-19951127714314
Lanthier, Jean-MarcRWMontreal, QCCA1983-1988105161632291981-3 (52) by VAN
Nantais, RichLWRepentigny, QCCA1974-197763549791974-2 (24) by MNS
Locas, JacquesRWPointe aux Trembles, QCCA1947-194959781566
Tremblay, VincentGQuebec City, QCCA1979-198458022412.86511979-4 (72) by TOR
Simard, MartinRWMontreal, QCCA1990-199344156183
Savard, JeanCVerdun, QCCA1977-19804371219291977-2 (19) by CHI
Brunetta, MarioGQuebec City, QCCA1987-1990400001612.87101985-8 (162) by QUE
Godin, EddyRWDonnacona, QCCA1977-197927369121977-3 (39) by WSH
Therrien, GastonDMontreal, QCCA1980-198322088121980-7 (129) by QUE
Lachance, MichelDQuebec City, QCCA1978-197921044221975-6 (106) by MTL
James, ValLWOcala, FLUS1981-198711000301977-16 (184) by DET
Grenier, RichardCMontreal, QCCA1972-19731011221972-5 (65) by NYI
Roberge, SergeRWQuebec City, QCCA1990-1991900024
Burton, NelsonLWSydney, NSCA1977-19798101211977-4 (57) by WSH
Folco, PeterDMontreal, QCCA1973-1974200001973-9 (131) by VAN
Brochu, StéphaneDSherbrooke, QCCA1988-1989100001985-9 (175) by NYR
Pageau, PaulGMontreal, QCCA1980-1981100000.7650
Mayer, PatDRoyal Oak, MIUS1987-198810004