St. Catharines Black Hawks (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Gartner, MikeRWOttawa, ONCA1979-19981432708627133511591979-1 (4) by WSH
Dionne, MarcelCDrummondville, QCCA1971-19891348731104017716001971-1 (2) by DET
Korab, JerryDSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1970-19859751143414551629
Hull, DennisLWPoint Anne, ONCA1964-1978959303351654261
Paiement, WilfRWEarlton, ONCA1974-198894635645881417571974-1 (2) by KCS
Stanfield, FredC/WToronto, ONCA1964-1978914211405616134
Plett, WilliRWAsuncionPY1975-198883422221543725721975-5 (80) by ATF
Wilson, RonCToronto, ONCA1979-19948321102163264151976-13 (133) by MTL
Jarrett, DougDLondon, ONCA1964-197777538182220631
Redmond, DickDKirkland Lake, ONCA1969-19827711333124455041969-1 (5) by MNS
MacMillan, BobRWCharlottetown, PECA1974-19857532283495772601972-1 (15) by NYR
Burrows, DaveDToronto, ONCA1971-198172429135164373
Reid, TomDFort Erie, ONCA1967-197870117113130654
O'Brien, DennisDPort Hope, ONCA1970-1980592319112210171973-9 (135) by DET
O'Brien, DennisDPort Hope, ONCA1970-1980592319112210171969-2 (14) by MNS
McAdam, GaryLWSmiths Falls, ONCA1975-1986534961322282431975-3 (53) by BUF
Franceschetti, LouRWToronto, ONCA1981-199245959811407471978-5 (71) by WSH
Manno, BobDNiagara Falls, ONCA1976-1985371411311722741976-2 (26) by VAN
Hughes, BrentLWNew Westminster, BCCA1988-1997357413980831
Hampton, RickLW/DKing City, ONCA1974-1980337591131721471974-1 (3) by CGS
Sheehan, BobbyCWeymouth, MAUS1969-19823104863111401969-3 (32) by MTL
Dudley, RickLWToronto, ONCA1972-19813097599174292
Owchar, DennisDDryden, ONCA1974-198028830851152001973-4 (55) by PIT
Stewart, BillDToronto, ONCA1977-1986261764714241977-4 (68) by BUF
Anderson, RonRWRed Deer, ABCA1967-1972251283058146
Maki, WayneLWSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1967-19732465779136184
Froese, BobGSt. Catharines, ONCA1982-19902420101090128.889131978-10 (160) by STL
McDonough, AlRWHamilton, ONCA1970-19782377388161731970-2 (24) by LAK
Popiel, PoulDSollestedDK1965-1980224134154210
Lariviere, GarryDSt. Catharines, ONCA1979-1983219657631671974-5 (83) by BUF
Fortier, DaveDSudbury, ONCA1972-1977205821293351971-2 (23) by TOR
Bloom, MikeLWOttawa, ONCA1974-19772013047772151972-1 (16) by BOS
Terbenche, PaulDPort Hope, ONCA1967-19741895263128
LeBlanc, J.P.CSouth Durham, QCCA1968-197915314304487
Brenneman, JohnLWFort Erie, ONCA1964-196915221194046
Rombough, DougCFergus, ONCA1972-1976150242751801970-8 (97) by BUF
Hodge, KenC/RWWindsor, ONCA1988-1993142394887321984-3 (46) by MNS
O'Donoghue, DonRWKingston, ONCA1969-1972125181735351969-3 (29) by OAK
Salovaara, BarryDCooksville, ONCA1974-1976902131570
Breitenbach, KenDWelland, ONCA1975-19796811314491975-2 (35) by BUF
McDuffe, PeterGMilton, ONCA1971-1976570112110
Delparte, GuyLWPrince Albert, SKCA1976-197748189181969-6 (63) by MTL
Taylor, BobbyGCalgary, ABCA1971-19764601116150
Jacobs, TimDEspanola, ONCA1975-19764601010351972-5 (70) by CGS
Pettie, JimGToronto, ONCA1976-19792100023911973-9 (142) by BOS
Shakes, PaulDCollingwood, ONCA1973-197421044121972-3 (38) by CGS
Hansen, RichieCBronx, NYUS1976-198220281041975-7 (119) by NYI
Wylie, DuaneCSpokane, WAUS1974-19771433621970-6 (81) by NYR
McDonald, BrianCToronto, ONCA1970-19711200029
Smith, RonDPort Hope, ONCA1972-197311112141972-4 (49) by NYI
Landon, LarryRWNiagara Falls, ONCA1983-1985900021978-8 (137) by MTL
Stanfield, JimC/RWToronto, ONCA1969-197270110
McKenzie, BrianLWSt. Catharines, ONCA1971-1972611241971-2 (18) by PIT
Shelton, DougRWWoodstock, ONCA1967-196850112
Sneddon, BobGMontreal, QCCA1970-19715000000
L'Abbe, MoeRWMontreal, QCCA1972-1973501101964-4 (22) by CHI
Adduono, RickCFort William, ONCA1975-1980400021975-4 (60) by BOS
Gorman, DaveRWOshawa, ONCA1979-1980300001975-4 (70) by MTL
Serafini, RonDHighland Park, MIUS1973-1974200021973-4 (50) by CGS
Stewart, JohnCToronto, ONCA1979-1980200001974-6 (105) by MTL
Teal, SkipCRidgeway, ONCA1954-195510000
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