Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Francis, RonCSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1981-20041731549124917989771981-1 (4) by HAR
Thornton, JoeCLondon, ONCA1997-202217144301109153912721997-1 (1) by BOS
Gretzky, WayneCBrantford, ONCA1979-1999148789419632857577
Coffey, PaulDWeston, ONCA1980-200114093961135153118021980-1 (6) by EDM
Carter, JeffCLondon, ONCA2005-202413214424098516352003-1 (11) by PHI
Foote, AdamDToronto, ONCA1991-201111546624230815341989-2 (22) by QUE
Tocchet, RickRWScarborough, ONCA1984-2002114444051295229701983-6 (121) by PHI
Daley, TrevorDToronto, ONCA2003-20201058892203096482002-2 (43) by DAL
Simmonds, WayneRWScarborough, ONCA2008-2023103726326352613132007-2 (61) by LAK
Sullivan, SteveRWTimmins, ONCA1995-201310112904577475871994-9 (233) by NJD
Probert, BobLWWindsor, ONCA1985-200293516322138433001983-3 (46) by DET
Vanbiesbrouck, JohnGDetroit, MIUS1981-200288203535310374.899401981-4 (72) by NYR
Hannan, DaveCSudbury, ONCA1981-19978411141913059421981-10 (196) by PIT
King, DerekLWHamilton, ONCA1986-20008302613516124171985-1 (13) by NYI
Beukeboom, JeffDAjax, ONCA1986-19998043012915918901983-1 (19) by EDM
Simon, ChrisLWWawa, ONCA1992-200878214416130518241990-2 (25) by PHI
Simmer, CharlieLWTerrace Bay, ONCA1974-19887123423697115441974-3 (39) by CGS
Presley, WayneRWDearborn, MIUS1984-19966841551473029531983-2 (39) by CHI
Muzzin, JakeDWoodstock, ONCA2010-2023683692252943992007-5 (141) by PIT
Nurse, DarnellDHamilton, ONCA2014-2024640761912675492013-1 (7) by EDM
Boughner, BobDWindsor, ONCA1995-200663015577213821989-2 (32) by DET
Millen, GregGToronto, ONCA1978-19926040181872215.873171977-6 (102) by PIT
Cousins, NickCBelleville, ONCA2014-2024592711091803122011-3 (68) by PHI
McCann, JaredCStratford, ONCA2015-20245861621753372002014-1 (24) by VAN
Hartsburg, CraigDStratford, ONCA1979-1989570983154138151979-1 (6) by MNS
Zettler, RobDSept-Iles, QCCA1988-2002569565709201986-3 (55) by MNS
Dineen, GordDQuebec City, QCCA1982-199552816901066951981-2 (42) by NYI
Kennedy, TylerCSault Ste. Marie, ONCA2007-2016527891262152392004-4 (99) by PIT
Miller, ColinDSault Ste. Marie, ONCA2015-2024512391271663242012-5 (151) by LAK
Woods, PaulLWHespeler, ONCA1977-1984501721241962761975-3 (51) by MTL
Lambert, DennyLWWawa, ONCA1994-20024872766931391
Ritchie, NickLWOrangeville, ONCA2015-2023481841021864832014-1 (10) by ANA
Vašíček, JosefCHavlickuv BrodCS2000-2008460771061833111998-4 (91) by CAR
Mallette, TroyLWSudbury, ONCA1989-1998456516811912261988-2 (22) by NYR
Tlustý, JiříCSlanyCS2007-201644689881771262006-1 (13) by TOR
Shedden, DougCWallaceburg, ONCA1981-19914161391863251761980-5 (93) by PIT
Desjardins, AndrewCLively, ONCA2010-2017408234164307
Nolan, JordanCGarden River, First Nations, ONCA2011-20193752428523472009-7 (186) by LAK
DeAngelo, TonyDSewell, NJUS2016-2024371481622103292014-1 (19) by TBL
Lehner, RobinGGothenburgSE2010-202236406636152.917172009-2 (46) by OTT
Gavey, AaronCSudbury, ONCA1995-20063604150912721992-4 (74) by TBL
Cloutier, DanGMont-Laurier, QCCA1997-2008351055147139.899151994-1 (26) by NYR
Valiquette, JackCSt. Thomas, ONCA1974-198135084134218791974-1 (13) by TOR
Pavese, JimDNew York, NYUS1981-19893281344576891980-3 (54) by STL
McGrattan, BrianRWHamilton, ONCA2005-20153171017276091999-4 (104) by LAK
Emery, RayGHamilton, ONCA2002-201528704479145.906162001-4 (99) by OTT
Murray, MattGThunder Bay, ONCA2015-202327205510146.910152012-3 (83) by PIT
Bunting, MichaelLWScarborough, ONCA2018-2024268761051812542014-4 (117) by ARI
Toms, JeffCSwift Current, SKCA1995-2003236223355591992-9 (210) by NJD
Jackman, RicDToronto, ONCA1999-20072311958771661996-1 (5) by DAL
Fata, RicoRWSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1998-20072302736631041998-1 (6) by CGY
Staubitz, BradRWBright's Grove, ONCA2008-2013230101121521
Frost, MorganCAurora, ONCA2019-20242293971110642017-1 (27) by PHI
Sandin, RasmusDUppsalaSE2019-2024227167086772018-1 (29) by TOR
Kaszycki, MikeCMilton, ONCA1977-198322642801221081976-2 (32) by NYI
Bell, BruceDToronto, ONCA1984-19902091264761131983-3 (52) by QUE
Hayton, BarrettCPeterborough, ONCA2019-20242093549841022018-1 (5) by ARI
Stevenson, JeremyLWSan Bernardino, CAUS1995-20062071919384511992-3 (60) by WIN
Campbell, JackGPort Huron, MIUS2013-2024176033293.909102010-1 (11) by DAL
Katchouk, BorisLWWaterloo, ONCA2021-2024176152136782016-2 (44) by TBL
Bannister, DrewDBelleville, ONCA1995-2002164525301611992-2 (26) by TBL
Peluso, AnthonyRWNorth York, ONCA2012-2019148410142202007-6 (160) by STL
Bailey, JustinRWBuffalo, NYUS2015-2024141101323242013-2 (52) by BUF
Jeffrey, DustinCSarnia, ONCA2008-2016131181533122007-6 (171) by PIT
Schmidt, NormDSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1983-1988125233356731981-4 (70) by PIT
Timmins, ConorDSt. Catharines, ONCA2019-20249132831342017-2 (32) by COL
Gatzos, SteveRWToronto, ONCA1981-198589152035831981-2 (28) by PIT
Perrott, NathanRWOwen Sound, ONCA2001-2006894592511995-2 (44) by NJD
White, ColtonDLondon, ONCA2018-20238401010222015-4 (97) by NJD
Nolan, TedCSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1981-198678616221051978-5 (78) by DET
Kartye, TyeFKingston, ONCA2023-2024771192037
Sabourin, KenDScarborough, ONCA1988-19927428102011984-2 (33) by CGY
Hodson, KevinGWinnipeg, MBCA1995-200371011617.8934
Coulis, TimLWKenora, ONCA1979-1986474591381978-1 (18) by WSH
Patey, DougRWToronto, ONCA1976-19794542681976-5 (73) by WSH
Sproul, RyanDMississauga, ONCA2013-20184421012122011-2 (55) by DET
Campbell, AndrewDCaledonia, ONCA2013-201642022122008-3 (74) by LAK
Bailey, ReidDToronto, ONCA1980-198440134105
Burnett, GarrettLWCoquitlam, BCCA2003-200439123184
Felix, ChrisDBramalea, ONCA1988-1991351121310
Graves, SteveLWTrenton, ONCA1983-198835549101982-2 (41) by EDM
Moro, MarcDToronto, ONCA1997-200230000771995-2 (27) by OTT
Boland, MikeDLondon, ONCA1974-197923123291974-7 (110) by KCS
Currie, DanLWBurlington, ONCA1990-19942221341986-4 (84) by EDM
Intranuovo, RalphCEast York, ONCA1994-19972224641992-4 (96) by EDM
Gaudet, TylerCHamilton, ONCA2014-2017201340
Watson, DaveLWKirkland Lake, ONCA1979-198118011101978-4 (58) by CLR
Munro, AdamGSt. George, ONCA2003-20061701124.88712001-1 (29) by CHI
Smith, SteveDTrenton, ONCA1981-198917011151981-1 (16) by PHI
D'Amour, MarcGSudbury, ONCA1985-198916000102.9010
Gettinger, TimothyLWCleveland, OHUS2018-20221601102016-5 (141) by NYR
Senyshyn, ZacharyRWOttawa, ONCA2018-20221612342015-1 (15) by BOS
Aitken, BradLWScarborough, ONCA1987-199114134251986-3 (46) by PIT
Handy, RonLWToronto, ONCA1984-19881403301981-3 (57) by NYI
Hinton, DanLWToronto, ONCA1976-197714000161973-5 (77) by CHI
Catenacci, DanielCRichmond Hill, ONCA2015-20181200002011-3 (77) by BUF
Gagnon, SeanDSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1997-20011201134
Fountain, MikeGNorth York, ONCA1996-20011100022.88011992-2 (45) by VAN
Hordy, MikeDThunder Bay, ONCA1978-19801100071976-5 (86) by NYI
Tiley, BradDMarkdale, ONCA1997-20011100001991-4 (84) by BOS
Beraldo, PaulRWHamilton, ONCA1987-19891000041986-7 (139) by BOS
Jardine, RyanLWOttawa, ONCA2001-2002802221998-4 (89) by FLA
Rioux, GerryRWIroquois Falls, ONCA1979-198080006
Hollowell, MacDNiagara Falls, ONCA2022-2023602222018-4 (118) by TOR
Lucas, DannyRWPowell River, BCCA1978-1979610101978-1 (14) by PHI
Broll, DavidLWMississauga, ONCA2013-2014501152011-6 (152) by TOR
Speers, BlakeCSault Ste. Marie, ONCA2016-2022500022015-3 (67) by NJD
Terry, BillCToronto, ONCA1987-198850000
Lenarduzzi, MikeGLondon, ONCA1992-1994400001.89901990-3 (57) by HAR
Tolchinsky, SergeyLWMoscowRU2015-201740220
English, JohnDToronto, ONCA1987-1988313441984-3 (48) by LAK
Penney, ChadLWLabrador City, NLCA1993-1994300021992-2 (25) by OTT
Tatíček, PetrCRakovnikCS2005-2006300002002-1 (9) by FLA
Babcock, BobbyDAgincourt, ONCA1990-1993200021986-10 (208) by WSH
Villalta, MattGKingston, ONCA2023-2024200000.82802017-3 (72) by LAK
Fiorentino, PeterDNiagara Falls, ONCA1991-1992100001988-11 (215) by NYR
Groulx, WayneCWelland, ONCA1984-1985100001983-9 (172) by QUE
Halverson, BrandonGTraverse City, MIUS2017-2018100000.83302014-2 (59) by NYR
Larter, TylerCCharlottetown, PECA1989-1990100001987-4 (78) by WSH