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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
Date Visitor G Home G Att. LOG Notes
1932-11-10Chicago Black Hawks1Detroit Red Wings3
1932-11-10New York Rangers4Montreal Maroons2
1932-11-10Boston Bruins1Toronto Maple Leafs1OT
1932-11-12Boston Bruins4Montreal Canadiens0
1932-11-12Montreal Maroons2Ottawa Senators1
1932-11-12New York Rangers2Toronto Maple Leafs4
1932-11-13New York Americans1Chicago Black Hawks1OT
1932-11-15Montreal Maroons2Boston Bruins3
1932-11-15New York Americans2Detroit Red Wings6
1932-11-17Toronto Maple Leafs1Chicago Black Hawks3
1932-11-17Detroit Red Wings0Montreal Canadiens1OT
1932-11-17Boston Bruins2New York Americans4
1932-11-19New York Americans1Montreal Maroons4OT
1932-11-19Detroit Red Wings0Ottawa Senators2
1932-11-20Montreal Canadiens1Chicago Black Hawks2
1932-11-20Toronto Maple Leafs0New York Rangers7
1932-11-22Chicago Black Hawks1Boston Bruins5
1932-11-22Montreal Canadiens2Detroit Red Wings4
1932-11-22Montreal Maroons2New York Americans5
1932-11-24Ottawa Senators6Montreal Maroons3
1932-11-24Chicago Black Hawks1New York Rangers1OT
1932-11-24Montreal Canadiens0Toronto Maple Leafs2
1932-11-26Ottawa Senators4Boston Bruins6
1932-11-26Chicago Black Hawks1Montreal Canadiens2
1932-11-26Montreal Maroons2Toronto Maple Leafs3
1932-11-27Toronto Maple Leafs2Detroit Red Wings1
1932-11-29New York Rangers6Boston Bruins4
1932-11-29Detroit Red Wings3Montreal Maroons5
1932-11-29Chicago Black Hawks1Ottawa Senators3
1932-12-01New York Rangers4Detroit Red Wings2
1932-12-01Montreal Maroons5Montreal Canadiens4OT
1932-12-01New York Americans3Ottawa Senators4
1932-12-03Boston Bruins0Montreal Maroons2
1932-12-03Ottawa Senators1Toronto Maple Leafs4
1932-12-04New York Rangers3Chicago Black Hawks4
1932-12-04Ottawa Senators0Detroit Red Wings2
1932-12-04Montreal Canadiens2New York Americans4
1932-12-06New York Americans0Boston Bruins2OT
1932-12-06Ottawa Senators1Chicago Black Hawks1OT
1932-12-06Montreal Canadiens3New York Rangers5
1932-12-08Detroit Red Wings1Chicago Black Hawks3
1932-12-08Toronto Maple Leafs0Montreal Maroons1
1932-12-08New York Americans1New York Rangers3
1932-12-08Montreal Canadiens0Ottawa Senators2
1932-12-10Ottawa Senators2Montreal Canadiens3OT
1932-12-10New York Americans2Toronto Maple Leafs2OT
1932-12-11Montreal Maroons2Chicago Black Hawks2OT
1932-12-11Boston Bruins1New York Rangers3OT
1932-12-13Toronto Maple Leafs1Boston Bruins5
1932-12-13Montreal Maroons7Detroit Red Wings4
1932-12-13New York Rangers1Montreal Canadiens1OT
1932-12-13Ottawa Senators2New York Americans0
1932-12-15Boston Bruins1Chicago Black Hawks0
1932-12-15New York Rangers3New York Americans2
1932-12-15Ottawa Senators1Toronto Maple Leafs4
1932-12-17Montreal Canadiens3Montreal Maroons1
1932-12-17New York Rangers2Ottawa Senators2OT
1932-12-17Detroit Red Wings0Toronto Maple Leafs3
1932-12-18Boston Bruins1Detroit Red Wings2
1932-12-18Chicago Black Hawks0New York Americans0OT
1932-12-20Ottawa Senators1Boston Bruins2
1932-12-20Toronto Maple Leafs2Montreal Canadiens1
1932-12-20Detroit Red Wings4New York Rangers1
1932-12-22Detroit Red Wings0Boston Bruins7
1932-12-22Chicago Black Hawks4Montreal Maroons1
1932-12-22Toronto Maple Leafs0New York Americans1
1932-12-24New York Americans0Montreal Canadiens4
1932-12-24Boston Bruins1Ottawa Senators1OT
1932-12-24Chicago Black Hawks2Toronto Maple Leafs1
1932-12-25Chicago Black Hawks0Detroit Red Wings4
1932-12-25Montreal Maroons0New York Rangers2
1932-12-27Montreal Canadiens0Boston Bruins1
1932-12-27Toronto Maple Leafs4Chicago Black Hawks3
1932-12-27Detroit Red Wings3New York Americans1
1932-12-27Montreal Maroons0Ottawa Senators3
1932-12-29Detroit Red Wings3Montreal Canadiens3OT
1932-12-29Ottawa Senators2New York Rangers4
1932-12-29Montreal Maroons0Toronto Maple Leafs1
1932-12-31New York Rangers2Montreal Maroons4
1933-01-01Montreal Canadiens1Chicago Black Hawks4
1933-01-01Toronto Maple Leafs2Detroit Red Wings2OT
1933-01-01Boston Bruins4New York Americans5
1933-01-03New York Americans0Boston Bruins0OT
1933-01-03Toronto Maple Leafs2New York Rangers4
1933-01-03Detroit Red Wings1Ottawa Senators0
1933-01-05Boston Bruins0Chicago Black Hawks0OT
1933-01-05Montreal Canadiens1Detroit Red Wings6
1933-01-05Toronto Maple Leafs2Montreal Maroons2OT
1933-01-05Ottawa Senators1New York Americans1OT
1933-01-07Ottawa Senators0Montreal Canadiens1
1933-01-07Detroit Red Wings6Toronto Maple Leafs1
1933-01-08Montreal Maroons3Chicago Black Hawks4
1933-01-08Boston Bruins1Detroit Red Wings3
1933-01-08New York Americans2New York Rangers2OT
1933-01-10Ottawa Senators2Boston Bruins3OT
1933-01-10Chicago Black Hawks1New York Americans3
1933-01-10New York Rangers2Toronto Maple Leafs3
1933-01-12Montreal Maroons0Detroit Red Wings4
1933-01-12Chicago Black Hawks2Montreal Canadiens4
1933-01-12Boston Bruins1New York Rangers3
1933-01-12New York Americans5Ottawa Senators2
1933-01-14Boston Bruins3Montreal Maroons2
1933-01-14Toronto Maple Leafs5Ottawa Senators3OT
1933-01-15New York Rangers5Chicago Black Hawks0
1933-01-15Detroit Red Wings1New York Americans1OT
1933-01-17Montreal Maroons2Boston Bruins6
1933-01-17New York Rangers0Detroit Red Wings2
1933-01-17Toronto Maple Leafs1New York Americans3
1933-01-17Montreal Canadiens2Ottawa Senators3
1933-01-19New York Americans0Chicago Black Hawks6
1933-01-19Ottawa Senators3Montreal Maroons7
1933-01-19Montreal Canadiens1New York Rangers2
1933-01-19Boston Bruins0Toronto Maple Leafs3
1933-01-21Boston Bruins2Montreal Canadiens5
1933-01-22Ottawa Senators1Chicago Black Hawks2
1933-01-22New York Americans0Detroit Red Wings2
1933-01-22Montreal Maroons5New York Rangers0
1933-01-24Montreal Canadiens2Boston Bruins3
1933-01-24Chicago Black Hawks0Montreal Maroons3
1933-01-24New York Rangers3New York Americans2
1933-01-24Toronto Maple Leafs4Ottawa Senators2
1933-01-26Toronto Maple Leafs2Boston Bruins4
1933-01-26Ottawa Senators1Detroit Red Wings1OT
1933-01-26New York Americans1Montreal Canadiens1OT
1933-01-26Chicago Black Hawks3New York Rangers1
1933-01-28Detroit Red Wings1Montreal Maroons4
1933-01-28New York Rangers9Ottawa Senators2
1933-01-28Montreal Canadiens2Toronto Maple Leafs4
1933-01-29Chicago Black Hawks0New York Americans4
1933-01-31Chicago Black Hawks5Boston Bruins1
1933-01-31Ottawa Senators1Montreal Canadiens3OT
1933-01-31Detroit Red Wings2New York Rangers1
1933-01-31New York Americans1Toronto Maple Leafs7
1933-02-02Detroit Red Wings1Boston Bruins1OT
1933-02-02New York Rangers2Montreal Maroons2OT
1933-02-02Montreal Canadiens0New York Americans5
1933-02-02Chicago Black Hawks1Ottawa Senators1OT
1933-02-04Montreal Maroons7Montreal Canadiens2
1933-02-04Boston Bruins2Ottawa Senators3
1933-02-04Chicago Black Hawks2Toronto Maple Leafs2OT
1933-02-05Chicago Black Hawks0Detroit Red Wings1
1933-02-05New York Americans1New York Rangers4
1933-02-07New York Rangers1Boston Bruins2
1933-02-07Toronto Maple Leafs0Montreal Canadiens2
1933-02-07Montreal Maroons1New York Americans0
1933-02-09Montreal Maroons0Boston Bruins1
1933-02-09Detroit Red Wings4Chicago Black Hawks1
1933-02-09Ottawa Senators3New York Rangers3OT
1933-02-11Boston Bruins2Montreal Maroons4
1933-02-11New York Rangers1Toronto Maple Leafs2
1933-02-12Montreal Canadiens0Chicago Black Hawks2
1933-02-12Detroit Red Wings2New York Americans2OT
1933-02-14Toronto Maple Leafs2Boston Bruins7
1933-02-14Detroit Red Wings2Montreal Canadiens6
1933-02-14New York Rangers3Ottawa Senators1
1933-02-16Boston Bruins1Chicago Black Hawks2
1933-02-16Montreal Maroons2Detroit Red Wings2OT
1933-02-16Toronto Maple Leafs5New York Rangers2
1933-02-16Montreal Canadiens6Ottawa Senators0
1933-02-18New York Rangers3Montreal Canadiens1
1933-02-18Detroit Red Wings1Toronto Maple Leafs4
1933-02-19Montreal Maroons0Chicago Black Hawks0OT
1933-02-19Boston Bruins1Detroit Red Wings2
1933-02-19Ottawa Senators1New York Americans3
1933-02-21Montreal Canadiens0Boston Bruins10
1933-02-21New York Americans1Montreal Maroons5
1933-02-21Chicago Black Hawks2New York Rangers2OT
1933-02-23New York Rangers0Detroit Red Wings3
1933-02-23Chicago Black Hawks0Montreal Canadiens2
1933-02-23Montreal Maroons1New York Americans2OT
1933-02-23Toronto Maple Leafs3Ottawa Senators0
1933-02-25Montreal Canadiens2Montreal Maroons2OT
1933-02-25New York Americans1Toronto Maple Leafs5
1933-02-26New York Rangers4Chicago Black Hawks1
1933-02-26New York Americans1Detroit Red Wings1OT
1933-02-28Ottawa Senators0Boston Bruins0OT
1933-02-28Detroit Red Wings3Montreal Maroons6
1933-02-28Montreal Canadiens2Toronto Maple Leafs1
1933-03-02New York Americans2Chicago Black Hawks3
1933-03-02Toronto Maple Leafs3Montreal Canadiens4
1933-03-02Detroit Red Wings3Ottawa Senators2
1933-03-04New York Americans0Montreal Canadiens2
1933-03-04Montreal Maroons2Toronto Maple Leafs4
1933-03-05Toronto Maple Leafs2Chicago Black Hawks1
1933-03-05Ottawa Senators0Detroit Red Wings2
1933-03-05Boston Bruins2New York Rangers1
1933-03-07Detroit Red Wings1Boston Bruins4
1933-03-07Ottawa Senators1Chicago Black Hawks5
1933-03-07Toronto Maple Leafs2Montreal Maroons7
1933-03-07Montreal Canadiens1New York Americans2OT
1933-03-09New York Americans2Boston Bruins4
1933-03-09Montreal Maroons1Montreal Canadiens3
1933-03-09Detroit Red Wings2New York Rangers3
1933-03-09Chicago Black Hawks3Ottawa Senators3OT
1933-03-11Chicago Black Hawks2Montreal Maroons6
1933-03-11New York Americans1Ottawa Senators2OT
1933-03-11Boston Bruins6Toronto Maple Leafs2
1933-03-12Montreal Canadiens1Detroit Red Wings3
1933-03-12New York Rangers8New York Americans2
1933-03-14Chicago Black Hawks2Boston Bruins3OTGame was called a forfeit by the referee after Boston scored in overtime, when Chicago left the ice in protest. (OT was not sudden death in this era.) Though records were kept from the game and not technically listed as a forfeit.
1933-03-14Montreal Canadiens1Montreal Maroons2
1933-03-14Ottawa Senators3New York Rangers3OT
1933-03-16Toronto Maple Leafs0Detroit Red Wings1
1933-03-16New York Rangers1Montreal Canadiens2
1933-03-16Boston Bruins1New York Americans1OT
1933-03-16Montreal Maroons5Ottawa Senators4OT
1933-03-18Boston Bruins0Montreal Canadiens0OT
1933-03-18Ottawa Senators2Toronto Maple Leafs6
1933-03-19Detroit Red Wings4Chicago Black Hawks2
1933-03-19Montreal Maroons6New York Rangers3
1933-03-21New York Rangers2Boston Bruins3
1933-03-21Ottawa Senators3Montreal Maroons0
1933-03-21Toronto Maple Leafs3New York Americans4
1933-03-23New York Americans6Montreal Maroons3
1933-03-23Montreal Canadiens2New York Rangers4
1933-03-23Chicago Black Hawks2Toronto Maple Leafs2OT