NHL & WHA Players with Last Names Starting with I

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Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame are marked with an asterisk (*).

60 Players

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Matt Iacopelli (RW)

Alex Iafallo (2018-2020, C)

Al Iafrate (1985-1998, D)

Timur Ibragimov (LW)

Mike Iggulden (2008-2009, RW)

Jarome Iginla (1997-2017, RW)

Victor Ignatjev (1999-1999, D)

Igor Ignatushkin (C)

Brian Ihnacak (C)

Miroslav Ihnacak (1986-1989, LW)

Peter Ihnacak (1983-1990, C)

Jonathan Iilahti (G)

Henri Ikonen (LW)

Joni Ikonen (C)

Radoslav Illo (C)

Harri Ilvonen (D)

Bokondji Imama (LW)

Brent Imlach (1966-1967, F)

Punch Imlach (C)

Jarkko Immonen (2006-2007, C)

Jarkko A. Immonen (C)

Tyler Inamoto (D)

Peter Ing (1990-1994, G)

Earl Ingarfield (1959-1971, C)

Earl Ingarfield (1980-1981, C)

Jacob Ingham (G)

Billy Inglis (1968-1971, C)

Lee Inglis (LW)

Jack Ingoldsby (1943-1944, RW/D)

Connor Ingram (G)

Frank Ingram (1930-1932, RW)

John Ingram (1925-1925, C)

Ron Ingram (1957-1965, D)

Dave Inkpen (D)

Gary Inness (1974-1981, G)

Ralph Intranuovo (1995-1997, C)

Arturs Irbe (1992-2004, G)

Randy Ireland (1979-1979, G)

Danny Irmen (2010-2010, C)

Robbie Irons (1969-1969, G)

Joe Ironstone (1926-1928, G)

Dick Irvin (1927-1929, C)

Ted Irvine (1964-1977, LW)

Aaron Irving (D)

Leland Irving (2012-2013, G)

Brayden Irwin (2010-2010, RW)

Glen Irwin (D)

Ivan Irwin (1953-1958, D)

Matt Irwin (2013-2020, D)

Christian Isackson (RW)

Evgeni Isakov (RW)

Ulf Isaksson (1983-1983, LW)

Brad Isbister (1998-2008, LW)

Ruslan Iskhakov (C)

Larry Israelson (LW)

Kim Issel (1989-1989, RW)

Denis Istomin (RW)

Raitis Ivanans (2006-2012, LW)

Alexei Ivanov (C)

Keegan Iverson (C/RW)