All-Time Top 12 Players

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30 Seasons

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a playoff appearance
30 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS% SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
2023-24NHLAnaheim Ducks822750559.360-1.090.027th of 8G. Cronin (27-50-5)PacificWestern
2022-23NHLAnaheim Ducks8223471258.354-1.540.038th of 8D. Eakins (23-47-12)PacificWestern
2021-22NHLAnaheim Ducks8231371476.463-0.450.037th of 8D. Eakins (31-37-14)PacificWestern
2020-21NHLAnaheim Ducks561730943.384-0.830.128th of 8D. Eakins (17-30-9)West
2019-20NHLAnaheim Ducks712933967.472-0.530.026th of 8D. Eakins (29-33-9)PacificWestern
2018-19NHLAnaheim Ducks8235371080.488-0.630.016th of 8R. Carlyle (21-26-9), B. Murray (14-11-1)PacificWestern
2017-18NHLAnaheim Ducks*82442513101.6160.240.012nd of 8Lost NHL First RoundR. Carlyle (44-25-13)PacificWestern
2016-17NHLAnaheim Ducks*82462313105.6400.24-0.041st of 7Lost NHL Conference FinalsR. Carlyle (46-23-13)PacificWestern
2015-16NHLAnaheim Ducks*82462511103.6280.27-0.051st of 7Lost NHL First RoundB. Boudreau (46-25-11)PacificWestern
2014-15NHLAnaheim Ducks*8251247109.6650.10-0.031st of 7Lost NHL Conference FinalsB. Boudreau (51-24-7)PacificWestern
2013-14NHLAnaheim Ducks*8254208116.7070.68-0.011st of 7Lost NHL Second RoundB. Boudreau (54-20-8)PacificWestern
2012-13NHLAnaheim Ducks*483012666.6880.43-0.021st of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsB. Boudreau (30-12-6)PacificWestern
2011-12NHLAnaheim Ducks8234361280.488-0.290.045th of 5R. Carlyle (7-13-4), B. Boudreau (27-23-8)PacificWestern
2010-11NHLAnaheim Ducks*824730599.6040.090.052nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsR. Carlyle (47-30-5)PacificWestern
2009-10NHLAnaheim Ducks8239321189.543-0.070.094th of 5R. Carlyle (39-32-11)PacificWestern
2008-09NHLAnaheim Ducks*824233791.5550.090.002nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsR. Carlyle (42-33-7)PacificWestern
2007-08NHLAnaheim Ducks*8247278102.6220.300.132nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsR. Carlyle (47-27-8)PacificWestern
2006-07NHLAnaheim Ducks*82482014110.6710.670.061st of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalR. Carlyle (48-20-14)PacificWestern
2005-06NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim*8243271298.5980.370.063rd of 5Lost NHL Conference FinalsR. Carlyle (43-27-12)PacificWestern
2003-04NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim82293510876.463-0.340.014th of 5M. Babcock (29-35-10-8)PacificWestern
2002-03NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim*8240279695.5790.190.072nd of 5Lost Stanley Cup FinalM. Babcock (40-27-9-6)PacificWestern
2001-02NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim8229428369.421-0.200.085th of 5B. Murray (29-42-8-3)PacificWestern
2000-01NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim82254111566.402-0.600.105th of 5C. Hartsburg (11-15-4-3), G. Charron (14-26-7-2)PacificWestern
1999-00NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim82343312383.5060.020.145th of 5C. Hartsburg (34-33-12-3)PacificWestern
1998-99NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim*8235341383.5060.10-0.013rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsC. Hartsburg (35-34-13)PacificWestern
1997-98NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim8226431365.396-0.660.026th of 7P. Pagé (26-43-13)PacificWestern
1996-97NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim*8236331385.5180.12-0.032nd of 7Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsR. Wilson (36-33-13)PacificWestern
1995-96NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim823539878.476-0.19-0.034th of 7R. Wilson (35-39-8)PacificWestern
1994-95NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim481627537.385-0.770.056th of 6R. Wilson (16-27-5)PacificWestern
1993-94NHLMighty Ducks of Anaheim843346571.423-0.27-0.014th of 6R. Wilson (33-46-5)PacificWestern

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