Regular Season

Regular Season Table
Cumulative Team Opponent
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak S PIM PPG SHG S PIM PPG SHG Notes
11995-01-20@Winnipeg Jets33TOT001T 1277430247600
21995-01-22@Detroit Red Wings41W101W 1194010334000
31995-01-24St. Louis Blues64W201W 2292210272030
41995-01-26@Detroit Red Wings15L211L 1192110331710
51995-01-28@Toronto Maple Leafs12L221L 2323010284210
61995-02-01Detroit Red Wings21W321W 1251201281200
71995-02-03Chicago Blackhawks34LOT331L 1301710311720
81995-02-04Toronto Maple Leafs41W431W 1391611381210
91995-02-06Winnipeg Jets45L441L 1251210251410
101995-02-09Mighty Ducks of Anaheim51W541W 1301711171300
111995-02-11@Dallas Stars60W641W 2242010341900
121995-02-13@St. Louis Blues24L651L 1261300194300
131995-02-16@Chicago Blackhawks22TOT652T 127100031220
141995-02-18Dallas Stars32WOT752W 1353410223200
151995-02-20Dallas Stars12L762L 1261500282110
161995-02-23@Los Angeles Kings33TOT763T 148800291200
171995-02-24@San Jose Sharks30W863W 12861017900
181995-02-26@Mighty Ducks of Anaheim53W963W 2282410222210
191995-02-28Edmonton Oilers52W1063W 3351401231000
201995-03-02Vancouver Canucks22TOT1064T 138820291400
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak S PIM PPG SHG S PIM PPG SHG Notes
211995-03-04@Toronto Maple Leafs23L1074L 1282410371211
221995-03-05@Winnipeg Jets23L1084L 2402210314210
231995-03-07@Chicago Blackhawks63W1184W 1243420353130
241995-03-09@St. Louis Blues15L1194L 1263010322600
251995-03-12@Dallas Stars44TOT1195T 1252510341910
261995-03-15Mighty Ducks of Anaheim05L11105L 1293700361500
271995-03-17Winnipeg Jets84W12105W 1366611288910
281995-03-19San Jose Sharks35L12115L 1301610291220
291995-03-20@Edmonton Oilers25L12125L 235123103712320
301995-03-22St. Louis Blues43W13125W 1373200341920
311995-03-24Detroit Red Wings32W14125W 2321600244901
321995-03-26Vancouver Canucks20W15125W 33381020800
331995-03-28Los Angeles Kings35L15135L 1412710212720
341995-03-31@Edmonton Oilers62W16135W 1252310401100
351995-04-04Chicago Blackhawks32W17135W 21882027810
361995-04-07Los Angeles Kings74W18135W 3401220272111
371995-04-08Vancouver Canucks24L18145L 1322710412510
381995-04-10San Jose Sharks83W19145W 140131022910
391995-04-12@Los Angeles Kings41W20145W 2291211322000
401995-04-13@Mighty Ducks of Anaheim24L20155L 1361510341500
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak S PIM PPG SHG S PIM PPG SHG Notes
411995-04-15@Edmonton Oilers42W21155W 1307211334220
421995-04-17Los Angeles Kings52W22155W 2351000291910
431995-04-20@Vancouver Canucks22TOT22156T 1285600303800
441995-04-24@Mighty Ducks of Anaheim12L22166L 1343300271710
451995-04-25@San Jose Sharks32W23166W 136220036800
461995-04-29Toronto Maple Leafs22TOT23167T 1242100261100
471995-04-30@Vancouver Canucks46L23177L 1171610401000
481995-05-03Edmonton Oilers53W24177W 121180028810


Playoffs Table
Cumulative Team Opponent
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak S PIM PPG SHG S PIM PPG SHG Notes
11995-05-07San Jose Sharks45L010L 1392011251410
21995-05-09San Jose Sharks45LOT020L 2341701371520
31995-05-11@San Jose Sharks92W120W 1313512242120
41995-05-13@San Jose Sharks64W220W 236810291010
51995-05-15San Jose Sharks50W320W 326631251600
61995-05-17@San Jose Sharks35L330L 133210120600
71995-05-19San Jose Sharks45L2OT340L 26041030200

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