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All-Time Top 12 Players

  • Please note that players may not be in the uniform of the correct team in these images.

52 Seasons

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a playoff appearance
52 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS% SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
2019-20NHLLos Angeles Kings702935664.457-0.480.017th of 8T. McLellan (29-35-6)PacificWestern
2018-19NHLLos Angeles Kings823142971.433-0.730.028th of 8J. Stevens (4-8-1), W. Desjardins (27-34-8)PacificWestern
2017-18NHLLos Angeles Kings*824529898.5980.440.004th of 8Lost NHL First RoundJ. Stevens (45-29-8)PacificWestern
2016-17NHLLos Angeles Kings823935886.524-0.07-0.025th of 7D. Sutter (39-35-8)PacificWestern
2015-16NHLLos Angeles Kings*8248286102.6220.32-0.042nd of 7Lost NHL First RoundD. Sutter (48-28-6)PacificWestern
2014-15NHLLos Angeles Kings8240271595.5790.16-0.034th of 7D. Sutter (40-27-15)PacificWestern
2013-14NHLLos Angeles Kings*8246288100.6100.400.013rd of 7Won Stanley Cup FinalD. Sutter (46-28-8)PacificWestern
2012-13NHLLos Angeles Kings*482716559.6150.29-0.022nd of 5Lost NHL Conference FinalsD. Sutter (27-16-5)PacificWestern
2011-12NHLLos Angeles Kings*8240271595.5790.190.013rd of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalT. Murray (13-12-4), J. Stevens (2-2-0), D. Sutter (25-13-11)PacificWestern
2010-11NHLLos Angeles Kings*824630698.5980.290.034th of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Murray (46-30-6)PacificWestern
2009-10NHLLos Angeles Kings*8246279101.6160.320.053rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Murray (46-27-9)PacificWestern
2008-09NHLLos Angeles Kings8234371179.482-0.290.045th of 5T. Murray (34-37-11)PacificWestern
2007-08NHLLos Angeles Kings823243771.433-0.240.195th of 5M. Crawford (32-43-7)PacificWestern
2006-07NHLLos Angeles Kings8227411468.415-0.510.184th of 5M. Crawford (27-41-14)PacificWestern
2005-06NHLLos Angeles Kings824235589.543-0.150.114th of 5A. Murray (37-28-5), J. Torchetti (5-7-0)PacificWestern
2003-04NHLLos Angeles Kings82282916981.494-0.150.003rd of 5A. Murray (28-29-16-9)PacificWestern
2002-03NHLLos Angeles Kings8233366779.482-0.130.093rd of 5A. Murray (33-36-6-7)PacificWestern
2001-02NHLLos Angeles Kings*82402711495.5790.350.053rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsA. Murray (40-27-11-4)PacificWestern
2000-01NHLLos Angeles Kings*82382813392.5610.320.033rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsA. Murray (38-28-13-3)PacificWestern
1999-00NHLLos Angeles Kings*82392712494.5730.300.092nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsA. Murray (39-27-12-4)PacificWestern
1998-99NHLLos Angeles Kings823245569.421-0.380.035th of 5L. Robinson (32-45-5)PacificWestern
1997-98NHLLos Angeles Kings*8238331187.530-0.01-0.032nd of 7Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsL. Robinson (38-33-11)PacificWestern
1996-97NHLLos Angeles Kings8228431167.409-0.620.046th of 7L. Robinson (28-43-11)PacificWestern
1995-96NHLLos Angeles Kings8224401866.402-0.59-0.036th of 7L. Robinson (24-40-18)PacificWestern
1994-95NHLLos Angeles Kings481623941.427-0.650.024th of 6B. Melrose (13-21-7), R. Vachon (3-2-2)PacificWestern
1993-94NHLLos Angeles Kings8427451266.393-0.34-0.015th of 6B. Melrose (27-45-12)PacificWestern
1992-93NHLLos Angeles Kings*8439351088.524-0.13-0.103rd of 6Lost Stanley Cup FinalB. Melrose (39-35-10)SmytheClarence Campbell
1991-92NHLLos Angeles Kings*8035311484.525-0.19-0.082nd of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsT. Webster (35-31-14)SmytheClarence Campbell
1990-91NHLLos Angeles Kings*80462410102.6381.04-0.041st of 5Lost NHL Division FinalsT. Webster (46-24-10)SmytheClarence Campbell
1989-90NHLLos Angeles Kings*803439775.4690.070.064th of 5Lost NHL Division FinalsT. Webster (34-39-7)SmytheClarence Campbell
1988-89NHLLos Angeles Kings*804231791.5690.580.072nd of 5Lost NHL Division FinalsR. Ftorek (42-31-7)SmytheClarence Campbell
1987-88NHLLos Angeles Kings*803042868.425-0.410.104th of 5Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsM. Murphy (7-16-4), R. Vachon (0-1-0), R. Ftorek (23-25-4)SmytheClarence Campbell
1986-87NHLLos Angeles Kings*803141870.438-0.200.094th of 5Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsP. Quinn (18-20-4), M. Murphy (13-21-4)SmytheClarence Campbell
1985-86NHLLos Angeles Kings802349854.338-1.260.055th of 5P. Quinn (23-49-8)SmytheClarence Campbell
1984-85NHLLos Angeles Kings*8034321482.5130.230.064th of 5Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsP. Quinn (34-32-14)SmytheClarence Campbell
1983-84NHLLos Angeles Kings8023441359.369-0.760.085th of 5D. Perry (14-27-9), R. Vachon (1-0-1), R. Neilson (8-17-3)SmytheClarence Campbell
1982-83NHLLos Angeles Kings8027411266.413-0.620.095th of 5D. Perry (27-41-12)SmytheClarence Campbell
1981-82NHLLos Angeles Kings*8024411563.394-0.680.014th of 5Lost NHL Division FinalsP. MacDonald (13-24-5), D. Perry (11-17-10)SmytheClarence Campbell
1980-81NHLLos Angeles Kings*8043241399.6190.56-0.032nd of 5Lost NHL Preliminary RoundB. Berry (43-24-13)NorrisPrince of Wales
1979-80NHLLos Angeles Kings*8030361474.463-0.270.012nd of 5Lost NHL Preliminary RoundB. Berry (30-36-14)NorrisPrince of Wales
1978-79NHLLos Angeles Kings*8034341280.5000.090.023rd of 5Lost NHL Preliminary RoundB. Berry (34-34-12)NorrisPrince of Wales
1977-78NHLLos Angeles Kings*8031341577.481-0.010.013rd of 5Lost NHL Preliminary RoundR. Stewart (31-34-15)NorrisPrince of Wales
1976-77NHLLos Angeles Kings*8034311583.5190.380.002nd of 5Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsB. Pulford (34-31-15)NorrisPrince of Wales
1975-76NHLLos Angeles Kings*803833985.531-0.010.022nd of 5Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsB. Pulford (38-33-9)NorrisPrince of Wales
1974-75NHLLos Angeles Kings*80421721105.6560.97-0.082nd of 5Lost NHL Preliminary RoundB. Pulford (42-17-21)NorrisPrince of Wales
1973-74NHLLos Angeles Kings*7833331278.5000.030.003rd of 14Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsB. Pulford (33-33-12)West
1972-73NHLLos Angeles Kings7831361173.468-0.170.006th of 14B. Pulford (31-36-11)West
1971-72NHLLos Angeles Kings782049949.314-1.180.097th of 7L. Regan (2-7-1), F. Glover (18-42-8)West
1970-71NHLLos Angeles Kings7825401363.404-0.760.065th of 7L. Regan (25-40-13)West
1969-70NHLLos Angeles Kings7614521038.250-1.540.066th of 6H. Laycoe (5-18-1), J. Wilson (9-34-9)West
1968-69NHLLos Angeles Kings*7624421058.382-0.980.014th of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsR. Kelly (24-42-10)West
1967-68NHLLos Angeles Kings*7431331072.486-0.53-0.212nd of 6Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsR. Kelly (31-33-10)West