All-Time Top 12 Players

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14 Seasons

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a playoff appearance
14 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS% SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
1937-38NHLMontreal Maroons481230630.313-0.880.124th of 4K. Clancy (6-11-1), T. Gorman (6-19-5)Canadian
1936-37NHLMontreal Maroons*482217953.5520.27-0.062nd of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsT. Gorman (22-17-9)Canadian
1935-36NHLMontreal Maroons*4822161054.5630.12-0.041st of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsT. Gorman (22-16-10)Canadian
1934-35NHLMontreal Maroons*482419553.5520.57-0.072nd of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalT. Gorman (24-19-5)Canadian
1933-34NHLMontreal Maroons*4819181149.510-0.090.013rd of 5Lost NHL Semi-FinalsE. Gerard (19-18-11)Canadian
1932-33NHLMontreal Maroons*482220650.5210.30-0.042nd of 5Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsE. Gerard (22-20-6)Canadian
1931-32NHLMontreal Maroons*481922745.4690.05-0.013rd of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsS. Cleghorn (19-22-7)Canadian
1930-31NHLMontreal Maroons*442018646.523-0.010.013rd of 5Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsD. Munro (14-13-5), G. Boucher (6-5-1)Canadian
1929-30NHLMontreal Maroons*442316551.5800.56-0.061st of 5Lost NHL Semi-FinalsD. Munro (23-16-5)Canadian
1928-29NHLMontreal Maroons441520939.4430.070.035th of 5E. Gerard (15-20-9)Canadian
1927-28NHLMontreal Maroons*442414654.6140.42-0.012nd of 5Lost Stanley Cup FinalE. Gerard (24-14-6)Canadian
1926-27NHLMontreal Maroons*442020444.5000.090.023rd of 5Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsE. Gerard (20-20-4)Canadian
1925-26NHLMontreal Maroons*362011545.6250.43-0.072nd of 7Won NHL FinalE. Gerard (20-11-5)
1924-25NHLMontreal Maroons30919220.333-0.560.115th of 6E. Gerard (9-19-2)