Sherbrooke Beavers (QMJHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Vaive, RickRWOttawa, ONCA1979-9287644134778814451979-1 (5) by VAN
Petit, MichelDSt-Malo, QCCA1982-988279023832818391982-1 (11) by VAN
Gallant, GerardLWSummerside, PECA1984-9561521126948016741981-6 (107) by DET
Donnelly, GordDMontreal, QCCA1983-9555428416920691981-3 (62) by STL
Haworth, AlanCDrummondville, QCCA1980-885241892114004251979-5 (95) by BUF
Chabot, JohnCSummerside, PECA1983-9150884228312851980-2 (40) by MTL
Lemelin, ReggieGQuebec City, QCCA1978-9350701616109236.884121974-7 (125) by PHI
McKenna, SeanRWAsbestos, QCCA1981-9041482801621811980-3 (56) by BUF
Gillis, JereLWBend, ORUS1977-8738678951732301977-1 (4) by VAN
Mulhern, RichardDEdmonton, ABCA1975-8130327931202171975-1 (8) by ATF
Mann, JimmyRWMontreal, QCCA1979-882931020308951979-1 (19) by WIN
Boutilier, PaulDSydney, NSCA1981-8928827831103581981-1 (21) by NYI
Marsh, PeterRWHalifax, NSCA1979-8427848711192241976-2 (29) by PIT
Lessard, MarioGEast Broughton, QCCA1978-842400663092.83891974-9 (154) by LAK
Lupien, GillesDLachute, QCCA1977-82226525304161974-2 (33) by MTL
Lemieux, JeanDNoranda, QCCA1973-78204236386391972-3 (34) by ATF
Sevigny, RichardGMontreal, QCCA1979-871760119480.86751977-7 (124) by MTL
Simpson, BobbyLWCaughnawaga, QCCA1976-83175352964981976-2 (28) by ATF
Micalef, CorradoGMontreal, QCCA1981-861130554326.85821981-3 (44) by DET
St. Sauveur, ClaudeCSherbrooke, QCCA1975-7679242448231972-4 (54) by CGS
Belanger, YvesGBaie Comeau, QCCA1974-80780554292
Walker, KurtDWeymouth, MAUS1975-7871459142
Aubin, NormCSt-Leonard, QCCA1981-8369181331301979-3 (51) by TOR
Dube, NormLWSherbrooke, QCCA1974-765781018541971-7 (90) by LAK
Boisvert, SergeRWDrummondville, QCCA1982-884657128
LeBlanc, FernCGaspesie, QCCA1976-7934561101976-7 (111) by DET
Chicoine, DanRWSherbrooke, QCCA1977-8031123121977-2 (23) by CLE
Gaulin, Jean-MarcRWBalveDE1982-862643781981-3 (53) by QUE
Larose, ClaudeLWSt-Jean, QCCA1979-8025471121975-7 (120) by NYR
Belanger, AlainRWSt-Janvier, QCCA1977-78901161976-3 (48) by TOR
Belanger, AlainRWSt-Janvier, QCCA1977-78901161977-12 (170) by DET
Cloutier, RejeanDWindsor, QCCA1979-8250222
Johnson, BrianRWMontreal, QCCA1983-8430005
Carter, RonRWMontreal, QCCA1979-80200001978-2 (36) by MTL
Veysey, SidCWoodstock, NBCA1977-78100001975-11 (182) by VAN
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