All-Time Top 12 Players

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19 Seasons

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19 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS% SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
2019-20NHLColumbus Blue Jackets*7033221581.579-0.12-0.024th of 8Lost NHL First RoundJ. Tortorella (33-22-15)MetropolitanEastern
2018-19NHLColumbus Blue Jackets*824731498.5980.31-0.015th of 8Lost NHL Second RoundJ. Tortorella (47-31-4)MetropolitanEastern
2017-18NHLColumbus Blue Jackets*824530797.5910.11-0.044th of 8Lost NHL First RoundJ. Tortorella (45-30-7)MetropolitanEastern
2016-17NHLColumbus Blue Jackets*8250248108.6590.680.023rd of 8Lost NHL First RoundJ. Tortorella (50-24-8)MetropolitanEastern
2015-16NHLColumbus Blue Jackets823440876.463-0.380.038th of 8T. Richards (0-7-0), J. Tortorella (34-33-8)MetropolitanEastern
2014-15NHLColumbus Blue Jackets824235589.543-0.160.015th of 8T. Richards (42-35-5)MetropolitanEastern
2013-14NHLColumbus Blue Jackets*824332793.5670.16-0.034th of 8Lost NHL First RoundT. Richards (43-32-7)MetropolitanEastern
2012-13NHLColumbus Blue Jackets482417755.5730.030.014th of 5T. Richards (24-17-7)CentralWestern
2011-12NHLColumbus Blue Jackets822946765.396-0.650.085th of 5S. Arniel (11-25-5), T. Richards (18-21-2)CentralWestern
2010-11NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8234351381.494-0.450.085th of 5S. Arniel (34-35-13)CentralWestern
2009-10NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8232351579.482-0.420.115th of 5K. Hitchcock (22-27-9), C. Noel (10-8-6)CentralWestern
2008-09NHLColumbus Blue Jackets*8241311092.561-0.010.044th of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsK. Hitchcock (41-31-10)CentralWestern
2007-08NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8234361280.488-0.160.154th of 5K. Hitchcock (34-36-12)CentralWestern
2006-07NHLColumbus Blue Jackets823342773.445-0.420.164th of 5G. Gallant (5-9-1), G. Agnew (0-4-1), K. Hitchcock (28-29-5)CentralWestern
2005-06NHLColumbus Blue Jackets823543474.451-0.660.023rd of 5G. Gallant (35-43-4)CentralWestern
2003-04NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8225458462.378-0.720.034th of 5D. MacLean (9-21-4-3), G. Gallant (16-24-4-1)CentralWestern
2002-03NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8229428369.421-0.510.115th of 5D. King (14-20-4-2), D. MacLean (15-22-4-1)CentralWestern
2001-02NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8222478557.348-0.970.145th of 5D. King (22-47-8-5)CentralWestern
2000-01NHLColumbus Blue Jackets8228399671.433-0.440.085th of 5D. King (28-39-9-6)CentralWestern