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All-Time Top 12 Players

  • Please note that players may not be in the uniform of the correct team in these images.

47 Seasons

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a playoff appearance
47 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS% SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
2019-20NHLNew York Islanders6835231080.5880.010.026th of 8B. Trotz (35-23-10)MetropolitanEastern
2018-19NHLNew York Islanders*8248277103.6280.38-0.012nd of 8Lost NHL Second RoundB. Trotz (48-27-7)MetropolitanEastern
2017-18NHLNew York Islanders8235371080.488-0.40-0.017th of 8D. Weight (35-37-10)MetropolitanEastern
2016-17NHLNew York Islanders8241291294.5730.030.055th of 8J. Capuano (17-17-8), D. Weight (24-12-4)MetropolitanEastern
2015-16NHLNew York Islanders*82452710100.6100.190.004th of 8Lost NHL Second RoundJ. Capuano (45-27-10)MetropolitanEastern
2014-15NHLNew York Islanders*8247287101.6160.26-0.012nd of 8Lost NHL First RoundJ. Capuano (47-28-7)MetropolitanEastern
2013-14NHLNew York Islanders8234371179.482-0.510.008th of 8J. Capuano (34-37-11)MetropolitanEastern
2012-13NHLNew York Islanders*482417755.5730.030.033rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsJ. Capuano (24-17-7)AtlanticEastern
2011-12NHLNew York Islanders8234371179.482-0.580.055th of 5J. Capuano (34-37-11)AtlanticEastern
2010-11NHLNew York Islanders8230391373.445-0.420.015th of 5S. Gordon (4-10-3), J. Capuano (26-29-10)AtlanticEastern
2009-10NHLNew York Islanders8234371179.482-0.53-0.025th of 5S. Gordon (34-37-11)AtlanticEastern
2008-09NHLNew York Islanders822647961.372-0.910.055th of 5S. Gordon (26-47-9)AtlanticEastern
2007-08NHLNew York Islanders823538979.482-0.65-0.055th of 5T. Nolan (6-4-0), A. Arbour (1-0-0), T. Nolan (28-34-9)AtlanticEastern
2006-07NHLNew York Islanders*8240301292.561-0.04-0.144th of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Nolan (40-30-12)AtlanticEastern
2005-06NHLNew York Islanders823640678.476-0.62-0.044th of 5S. Stirling (18-22-2), B. Shaw (18-18-4)AtlanticEastern
2003-04NHLNew York Islanders*82382911491.5550.29-0.043rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsS. Stirling (38-29-11-4)AtlanticEastern
2002-03NHLNew York Islanders*82353411283.506-0.16-0.073rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsP. Laviolette (35-34-11-2)AtlanticEastern
2001-02NHLNew York Islanders*8242288496.5850.15-0.082nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsP. Laviolette (42-28-8-4)AtlanticEastern
2000-01NHLNew York Islanders8221517352.317-1.020.005th of 5B. Goring (17-40-5-3), L. Henning (4-11-2-0)AtlanticEastern
1999-00NHLNew York Islanders8224489158.354-1.02-0.035th of 5B. Goring (24-48-9-1)AtlanticEastern
1998-99NHLNew York Islanders8224481058.354-0.550.065th of 5M. Milbury (13-29-3), B. Stewart (11-19-7)AtlanticEastern
1997-98NHLNew York Islanders8230411171.433-0.150.004th of 7R. Bowness (22-32-9), M. Milbury (8-9-2)AtlanticEastern
1996-97NHLNew York Islanders8229411270.427-0.100.027th of 7M. Milbury (13-23-9), R. Bowness (16-18-3)AtlanticEastern
1995-96NHLNew York Islanders8222501054.329-0.940.117th of 7M. Milbury (22-50-10)AtlanticEastern
1994-95NHLNew York Islanders481528535.365-0.630.047th of 7L. Henning (15-28-5)AtlanticEastern
1993-94NHLNew York Islanders*8436361284.5000.250.034th of 7Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsA. Arbour (36-36-12)AtlanticEastern
1992-93NHLNew York Islanders*844037787.5180.560.113rd of 6Lost NHL Conference FinalsA. Arbour (40-37-7)PatrickPrince of Wales
1991-92NHLNew York Islanders8034351179.4940.040.145th of 6A. Arbour (34-35-11)PatrickPrince of Wales
1990-91NHLNew York Islanders8025451060.375-0.770.066th of 6A. Arbour (25-45-10)PatrickPrince of Wales
1989-90NHLNew York Islanders*8031381173.456-0.10-0.014th of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsA. Arbour (31-38-11)PatrickPrince of Wales
1988-89NHLNew York Islanders802847561.381-0.720.046th of 6T. Simpson (7-18-2), A. Arbour (21-29-3)PatrickPrince of Wales
1987-88NHLNew York Islanders*8039311088.5500.540.031st of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsT. Simpson (39-31-10)PatrickPrince of Wales
1986-87NHLNew York Islanders*8035331282.513-0.03-0.013rd of 6Lost NHL Division FinalsT. Simpson (35-33-12)PatrickPrince of Wales
1985-86NHLNew York Islanders*8039291290.5630.580.043rd of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsA. Arbour (39-29-12)PatrickPrince of Wales
1984-85NHLNew York Islanders*804034686.5380.37-0.053rd of 6Lost NHL Division FinalsA. Arbour (40-34-6)PatrickPrince of Wales
1983-84NHLNew York Islanders*8050264104.6501.00-0.101st of 6Lost Stanley Cup FinalA. Arbour (50-26-4)PatrickPrince of Wales
1982-83NHLNew York Islanders*8042261296.6000.84-0.112nd of 6Won Stanley Cup FinalA. Arbour (42-26-12)PatrickPrince of Wales
1981-82NHLNew York Islanders*80541610118.7381.63-0.051st of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalA. Arbour (54-16-10)PatrickPrince of Wales
1980-81NHLNew York Islanders*80481814110.6881.13-0.061st of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalA. Arbour (48-18-14)PatrickClarence Campbell
1979-80NHLNew York Islanders*8039281391.5690.41-0.022nd of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalA. Arbour (39-28-13)PatrickClarence Campbell
1978-79NHLNew York Islanders*80511514116.7251.76-0.041st of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsA. Arbour (51-15-14)PatrickClarence Campbell
1977-78NHLNew York Islanders*80481715111.6941.47-0.081st of 4Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsA. Arbour (48-17-15)PatrickClarence Campbell
1976-77NHLNew York Islanders*80472112106.6631.12-0.072nd of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsA. Arbour (47-21-12)PatrickClarence Campbell
1975-76NHLNew York Islanders*80422117101.6311.26-0.082nd of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsA. Arbour (42-21-17)PatrickClarence Campbell
1974-75NHLNew York Islanders*8033252288.5500.52-0.013rd of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsA. Arbour (33-25-22)PatrickClarence Campbell
1973-74NHLNew York Islanders7819411856.359-0.780.058th of 14A. Arbour (19-41-18)East
1972-73NHLNew York Islanders781260630.192-2.100.178th of 14P. Goyette (6-38-4), E. Ingarfield (6-22-2)East