All-Time Top 12 Players

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96 Seasons

  • An asterisk (*) indicates a playoff appearance
96 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS% SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
2022-23NHLNew York Rangers of 8G. Gallant (0-0-0)MetropolitanEastern
2021-22NHLNew York Rangers*8252246110.6710.54-0.032nd of 8Lost NHL Conference FinalsG. Gallant (52-24-6)MetropolitanEastern
2020-21NHLNew York Rangers562723660.5360.31-0.055th of 8D. Quinn (27-23-6)East
2019-20NHLNew York Rangers*703728579.5640.15-0.037th of 8Lost NHL Qualifying RoundD. Quinn (37-28-5)MetropolitanEastern
2018-19NHLNew York Rangers8232361478.476-0.520.037th of 8D. Quinn (32-36-14)MetropolitanEastern
2017-18NHLNew York Rangers823439977.470-0.46-0.018th of 8A. Vigneault (34-39-9)MetropolitanEastern
2016-17NHLNew York Rangers*8248286102.6220.470.034th of 8Lost NHL Second RoundA. Vigneault (48-28-6)MetropolitanEastern
2015-16NHLNew York Rangers*8246279101.6160.240.013rd of 8Lost NHL First RoundA. Vigneault (46-27-9)MetropolitanEastern
2014-15NHLNew York Rangers*8253227113.6890.69-0.041st of 8Lost NHL Conference FinalsA. Vigneault (53-22-7)MetropolitanEastern
2013-14NHLNew York Rangers*824531696.5850.26-0.042nd of 8Lost Stanley Cup FinalA. Vigneault (45-31-6)MetropolitanEastern
2012-13NHLNew York Rangers*482618456.5830.380.002nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsJ. Tortorella (26-18-4)AtlanticEastern
2011-12NHLNew York Rangers*8251247109.6650.46-0.021st of 5Lost NHL Conference FinalsJ. Tortorella (51-24-7)AtlanticEastern
2010-11NHLNew York Rangers*824433593.5670.37-0.063rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsJ. Tortorella (44-33-5)AtlanticEastern
2009-10NHLNew York Rangers8238331187.5300.00-0.054th of 5J. Tortorella (38-33-11)AtlanticEastern
2008-09NHLNew York Rangers*824330995.579-0.10-0.014th of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Renney (31-23-7), J. Tortorella (12-7-2)AtlanticEastern
2007-08NHLNew York Rangers*8242271397.5910.05-0.123rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsT. Renney (42-27-13)AtlanticEastern
2006-07NHLNew York Rangers*8242301094.5730.16-0.163rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsT. Renney (42-30-10)AtlanticEastern
2005-06NHLNew York Rangers*82442612100.6100.38-0.143rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Renney (44-26-12)AtlanticEastern
2003-04NHLNew York Rangers8227407869.421-0.510.034th of 5G. Sather (22-29-7-4), T. Renney (5-11-0-4)AtlanticEastern
2002-03NHLNew York Rangers82323610478.476-0.33-0.084th of 5B. Trottier (21-26-6-1), G. Sather (11-10-4-3)AtlanticEastern
2001-02NHLNew York Rangers8236384480.488-0.43-0.054th of 5R. Low (36-38-4-4)AtlanticEastern
2000-01NHLNew York Rangers8233435172.439-0.53-0.044th of 5R. Low (33-43-5-1)AtlanticEastern
1999-00NHLNew York Rangers82293812373.445-0.39-0.054th of 5J. Muckler (29-35-11-3), J. Tortorella (0-3-1-0)AtlanticEastern
1998-99NHLNew York Rangers8233381177.470-0.080.044th of 5J. Muckler (33-38-11)AtlanticEastern
1997-98NHLNew York Rangers8225391868.415-0.410.005th of 7C. Campbell (17-24-16), J. Muckler (8-15-2)AtlanticEastern
1996-97NHLNew York Rangers*8238341086.5240.330.014th of 7Lost NHL Conference FinalsC. Campbell (38-34-10)AtlanticEastern
1995-96NHLNew York Rangers*8241271496.5850.430.002nd of 7Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsC. Campbell (41-27-14)AtlanticEastern
1994-95NHLNew York Rangers*482223347.4900.10-0.014th of 7Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsC. Campbell (22-23-3)AtlanticEastern
1993-94NHLNew York Rangers*8452248112.6670.810.001st of 7Won Stanley Cup FinalM. Keenan (52-24-8)AtlanticEastern
1992-93NHLNew York Rangers8434391179.4700.100.156th of 6R. Neilson (19-17-4), R. Smith (15-22-7)PatrickPrince of Wales
1991-92NHLNew York Rangers*8050255105.6561.020.081st of 6Lost NHL Division FinalsR. Neilson (50-25-5)PatrickPrince of Wales
1990-91NHLNew York Rangers*8036311385.5310.36-0.042nd of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsR. Neilson (36-31-13)PatrickPrince of Wales
1989-90NHLNew York Rangers*8036311385.5310.12-0.031st of 6Lost NHL Division FinalsR. Neilson (36-31-13)PatrickPrince of Wales
1988-89NHLNew York Rangers*803735882.5130.01-0.033rd of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsM. Bergeron (37-33-8), P. Esposito (0-2-0)PatrickPrince of Wales
1987-88NHLNew York Rangers8036341082.5130.260.055th of 6M. Bergeron (36-34-10)PatrickPrince of Wales
1986-87NHLNew York Rangers*803438876.475-0.190.014th of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsT. Sator (5-10-4), T. Webster (5-9-4), P. Esposito (24-19-0)PatrickPrince of Wales
1985-86NHLNew York Rangers*803638678.4880.130.084th of 6Lost NHL Conference FinalsT. Sator (36-38-6)PatrickPrince of Wales
1984-85NHLNew York Rangers*8026441062.388-0.590.044th of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsH. Brooks (15-22-8), C. Patrick (11-22-2)PatrickPrince of Wales
1983-84NHLNew York Rangers*804229993.5810.10-0.024th of 6Lost NHL Division Semi-FinalsH. Brooks (42-29-9)PatrickPrince of Wales
1982-83NHLNew York Rangers*8035351080.5000.19-0.054th of 6Lost NHL Division FinalsH. Brooks (35-35-10)PatrickPrince of Wales
1981-82NHLNew York Rangers*8039271492.5750.210.092nd of 5Lost NHL Division FinalsH. Brooks (39-27-14)PatrickPrince of Wales
1980-81NHLNew York Rangers*8030361474.463-0.060.004th of 5Lost NHL Semi-FinalsF. Shero (4-13-3), C. Patrick (26-23-11)PatrickClarence Campbell
1979-80NHLNew York Rangers*8038321086.5380.29-0.013rd of 5Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsF. Shero (38-32-10)PatrickClarence Campbell
1978-79NHLNew York Rangers*8040291191.5690.400.103rd of 4Lost Stanley Cup FinalF. Shero (40-29-11)PatrickClarence Campbell
1977-78NHLNew York Rangers*8030371373.4560.020.044th of 4Lost NHL Preliminary RoundJ. Talbot (30-37-13)PatrickClarence Campbell
1976-77NHLNew York Rangers8029371472.450-0.430.044th of 4J. Ferguson (29-37-14)PatrickClarence Campbell
1975-76NHLNew York Rangers802942967.419-0.800.084th of 4R. Stewart (15-20-4), J. Ferguson (14-22-5)PatrickClarence Campbell
1974-75NHLNew York Rangers*8037291488.5500.540.012nd of 4Lost NHL Preliminary RoundE. Francis (37-29-14)PatrickClarence Campbell
1973-74NHLNew York Rangers*7840241494.6030.58-0.053rd of 8Lost NHL Semi-FinalsL. Popein (18-14-9), E. Francis (22-10-5)East
1972-73NHLNew York Rangers*7847238102.6541.07-0.083rd of 8Lost NHL Semi-FinalsE. Francis (47-23-8)East
1971-72NHLNew York Rangers*78481713109.6991.49-0.112nd of 7Lost Stanley Cup FinalE. Francis (48-17-13)East
1970-71NHLNew York Rangers*78491811109.6990.98-0.082nd of 7Lost NHL Semi-FinalsE. Francis (49-18-11)East
1969-70NHLNew York Rangers*7638221692.6050.770.024th of 6Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsE. Francis (38-22-16)East
1968-69NHLNew York Rangers*764126991.5990.500.043rd of 6Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsB. Geoffrion (22-18-3), E. Francis (19-8-6)East
1967-68NHLNew York Rangers*7439231290.6080.760.182nd of 6Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsE. Francis (39-23-12)East
1966-67NHLNew York Rangers*7030281272.514-0.010.004th of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsE. Francis (30-28-12)
1965-66NHLNew York Rangers7018411147.336-0.790.166th of 6R. Sullivan (5-10-5), E. Francis (13-31-6)
1964-65NHLNew York Rangers7020381252.371-0.800.165th of 6R. Sullivan (20-38-12)
1963-64NHLNew York Rangers7022381054.386-0.670.135th of 6R. Sullivan (22-38-10)
1962-63NHLNew York Rangers7022361256.400-0.260.055th of 6M. Patrick (11-19-4), R. Sullivan (11-17-8)
1961-62NHLNew York Rangers*7026321264.457-0.140.034th of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsD. Harvey (26-32-12)
1960-61NHLNew York Rangers7022381054.386-0.520.115th of 6A. Pike (22-38-10)
1959-60NHLNew York Rangers7017381549.350-0.710.146th of 6P. Watson (3-9-3), M. Patrick (0-1-1), A. Pike (14-28-11)
1958-59NHLNew York Rangers7026321264.457-0.190.045th of 6P. Watson (26-32-12)
1957-58NHLNew York Rangers*7032251377.5500.08-0.022nd of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsP. Watson (32-25-13)
1956-57NHLNew York Rangers*7026301466.471-0.510.104th of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsP. Watson (26-30-14)
1955-56NHLNew York Rangers*7032281074.5290.010.003rd of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsP. Watson (32-28-10)
1954-55NHLNew York Rangers7017351852.371-0.710.145th of 6M. Patrick (17-35-18)
1953-54NHLNew York Rangers7029311068.486-0.250.055th of 6F. Boucher (14-20-6), M. Patrick (15-11-4)
1952-53NHLNew York Rangers7017371650.357-0.700.146th of 6B. Cook (17-37-16)
1951-52NHLNew York Rangers7023341359.421-0.320.065th of 6N. Colville (6-12-5), B. Cook (17-22-8)
1950-51NHLNew York Rangers7020292161.436-0.380.085th of 6N. Colville (20-29-21)
1949-50NHLNew York Rangers*7028311167.479-0.230.054th of 6Lost Stanley Cup FinalL. Patrick (28-31-11)
1948-49NHLNew York Rangers6018311147.392-0.540.116th of 6F. Boucher (6-11-6), L. Patrick (12-20-5)
1947-48NHLNew York Rangers*6021261355.458-0.350.074th of 6Lost NHL Semi-FinalsF. Boucher (21-26-13)
1946-47NHLNew York Rangers602232650.417-0.260.055th of 6F. Boucher (22-32-6)
1945-46NHLNew York Rangers501328935.350-0.780.166th of 6F. Boucher (13-28-9)
1944-45NHLNew York Rangers5011291032.320-1.550.316th of 6F. Boucher (11-29-10)
1943-44NHLNew York Rangers50639517.170-2.470.496th of 6F. Boucher (6-39-5)
1942-43NHLNew York Rangers501131830.300-1.530.316th of 6F. Boucher (11-31-8)
1941-42NHLNew York Rangers*482917260.6250.61-0.101st of 7Lost NHL Semi-FinalsF. Boucher (29-17-2)
1940-41NHLNew York Rangers*482119850.5210.32-0.054th of 7Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsF. Boucher (21-19-8)
1939-40NHLNew York Rangers*4827111064.6671.05-0.182nd of 7Won Stanley Cup FinalF. Boucher (27-11-10)
1938-39NHLNew York Rangers*482616658.6040.79-0.132nd of 7Lost NHL Semi-FinalsL. Patrick (26-16-6)
1937-38NHLNew York Rangers*482715660.6250.97-0.142nd of 4Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsL. Patrick (27-15-6)American
1936-37NHLNew York Rangers*481920947.4900.21-0.023rd of 4Lost Stanley Cup FinalL. Patrick (19-20-9)American
1935-36NHLNew York Rangers4819171250.521-0.070.034th of 4L. Patrick (19-17-12)American
1934-35NHLNew York Rangers*482220650.521-0.040.003rd of 4Lost NHL Semi-FinalsL. Patrick (22-20-6)American
1933-34NHLNew York Rangers*482119850.5210.13-0.023rd of 4Lost NHL Quarter-FinalsL. Patrick (21-19-8)American
1932-33NHLNew York Rangers*482317854.5630.52-0.073rd of 4Won Stanley Cup FinalL. Patrick (23-17-8)American
1931-32NHLNew York Rangers*482317854.5630.39-0.071st of 4Lost Stanley Cup FinalL. Patrick (23-17-8)American
1930-31NHLNew York Rangers*441916947.5340.37-0.063rd of 5Lost NHL Semi-FinalsL. Patrick (19-16-9)American
1929-30NHLNew York Rangers*4417171044.500-0.160.003rd of 5Lost NHL Semi-FinalsL. Patrick (17-17-10)American
1928-29NHLNew York Rangers*4421131052.5910.11-0.052nd of 5Lost Stanley Cup FinalL. Patrick (21-13-10)American
1927-28NHLNew York Rangers*441916947.5340.26-0.092nd of 5Won Stanley Cup FinalL. Patrick (19-16-9)American
1926-27NHLNew York Rangers*442513656.6360.43-0.091st of 5Lost NHL Semi-FinalsL. Patrick (25-13-6)American