London Knights (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Shanahan, BrendanLWMimico, ONCA1987-091524656698135424891987-1 (2) by NJD
Ciccarelli, DinoRWSarnia, ONCA1980-99123260859212001425
Sittler, DarrylCKitchener, ONCA1970-85109648463711219481970-1 (8) by TOR
Marsh, BradDLondon, ONCA1978-9310862317519812411978-1 (11) by ATF
Lowry, DaveLWSudbury, ONCA1985-04108416418735111911983-6 (110) by VAN
Ramage, RobDByron, ONCA1979-94104413942556422261979-1 (1) by CLR
Nash, RickLWBrampton, ONCA2002-179894163557717222002-1 (1) by CBJ
Crossman, DougDPeterborough, ONCA1980-949141053594645341979-6 (112) by CHI
Kehoe, RickRWWindsor, ONCA1971-859063713967671201971-2 (22) by TOR
Maruk, DennisCToronto, ONCA1975-898883565228787611975-2 (21) by CGS
Perry, CoreyRWPeterborough, ONCA2005-1788634936871710122003-1 (28) by ANA
Green, RickDBelleville, ONCA1976-92845432202635881976-1 (1) by WSH
Kelly, ChrisC/LWToronto, ONCA2003-178331231662894151999-3 (94) by OTT
Wideman, DennisDKitchener, ONCA2005-17815992883875032002-8 (241) by BUF
Smith, SteveDGlasgowGB1984-018047230337521391981-6 (111) by EDM
Girardi, DanDWelland, ONCA2006-1778846184230275
Boutette, PatC/RWWindsor, ONCA1975-8575617128245313541972-9 (139) by TOR
Taylor, TimCStratford, ONCA1993-0774673941674331988-2 (36) by WSH
Kane, PatrickRWBuffalo, NYUS2007-177402854677522842007-1 (1) by CHI
Maloney, DanLWBarrie, ONCA1970-8273719225945114891970-1 (14) by CHI
Schoenfeld, JimDGalt, ONCA1972-857195120425511321972-1 (5) by BUF
Gagner, SamCLondon, ONCA2007-176961422604023192007-1 (6) by EDM
Bouchard, DanGVal-d'Or, QCCA1972-8665502929253286.876271970-2 (27) by BOS
Bradley, BrianCKitchener, ONCA1985-986511823215035281983-3 (51) by CGY
Kostopoulos, TomRWMissisauga, ONCA2001-1363061961577231999-7 (204) by PIT
Tavares, JohnCMississauga, ONCA2009-175872353025372812009-1 (1) by NYI
Hutchison, DaveDLondon, ONCA1974-84584199711615501972-3 (36) by LAK
Ververgaert, DennisRWHamilton, ONCA1973-815831762163922471973-1 (3) by VAN
Methot, MarcDOttawa, ONCA2006-1757921991203432003-6 (168) by CBJ
McRae, BasilLWBeaverton, ONCA1981-97576538313624571980-5 (87) by QUE
Quincey, KyleDKitchener, ONCA2005-17568361191555202003-4 (132) by DET
Allison, JasonCNorth York, ONCA1993-065521543314854411993-1 (17) by WSH
Sandlak, JimRWKitchener, ONCA1985-965491101192298211985-1 (4) by VAN
Carlson, JohnDNatick, MAUS2009-17526622032651662008-1 (27) by WSH
Gould, JohnRWBeeton, ONCA1971-80504131138269113
Erskine, JohnDKingston, ONCA2001-144911539548651998-2 (39) by DAL
Prust, BrandonLWLondon, ONCA2006-16486407511510362004-3 (70) by CGY
Del Zotto, MichaelDStouffville, ONCA2009-17484471421892022008-1 (20) by NYR
Martin, TerryLWBarrie, ONCA1975-854791041012052021975-3 (44) by BUF
Wilson, BertLWOrangeville, ONCA1973-814783744816461969-2 (23) by NYR
Mason, SteveGOakville, ONCA2008-174630111122200.911332006-3 (69) by CBJ
Bolland, DaveCMimico, ONCA2006-16433851232082992004-2 (32) by CHI
Gilbert, GillesGSt-Esprit, QCCA1969-83416099110192181969-3 (25) by MNS
Kadri, NazemCLondon, ONCA2009-174081131452583022009-1 (7) by TOR
DeBrusk, LouieLWCambridge, ONCA1991-0340124174111611989-3 (49) by NYR
Barch, KrysRWHamilton, ONCA2006-143811223358121998-4 (106) by WSH
Rowe, TomRWLynn, MAUS1976-83357851001856151976-3 (37) by WSH
Kostitsyn, SergeiLWNovopolotskSU2007-13353671091761882005-7 (200) by MTL
Riggin, PatGKincardine, ONCA1979-8835008841153.879111979-2 (33) by ATF
Carroll, BillyCToronto, ONCA1980-873223054841131979-2 (38) by NYI
Maroon, PatrickLWSt. Louis, MOUS2011-1730161741353782007-6 (161) by PHI
Zanussi, RonRWToronto, ONCA1977-8229952831353731976-3 (51) by MNS
Paterson, JoeLWToronto, ONCA1980-892911937568291979-5 (87) by DET
Rinaldo, ZacCMississauga, ONCA2011-16275918276552008-6 (178) by PHI
Halkidis, BobDToronto, ONCA1985-96256832408251984-4 (81) by BUF
Fritsche, DanCParma, OHUS2003-092563442761032003-2 (46) by CBJ
Brathwaite, FredGOttawa, ONCA1993-042540331281.90115
Goodenough, LarryDToronto, ONCA1974-802422277991791973-2 (20) by PHI
Horvat, BoCLondon, ONCA2014-172314968117612013-1 (9) by VAN
Fata, RicoRWSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1998-072302736631041998-1 (6) by CGY
Smyth, GregDOakville, ONCA1986-97229416207831984-2 (22) by PHI
Hopkins, DeanRWCobourg, ONCA1979-892232351743061979-2 (29) by LAK
Maatta, OlliDJyvaskylaFI2013-17220174764582012-1 (22) by PIT
Kastelic, EdWToronto, ONCA1985-922201110217191982-6 (110) by WSH
Schofield, DwightDWaltham, MAUS1976-88211822306311976-5 (76) by DET
Tierney, ChrisCKeswick, ONCA2014-17202244064322012-2 (55) by SJS
Namestnikov, VladislavCZhukovskiyRU2013-17201334679932011-1 (27) by TBL
Henry, AlexDElliot Lake, ONCA2002-0917729112691998-3 (67) by EDM
Reese, JeffGBrantford, ONCA1987-991740883053.87951984-4 (67) by TOR
Spruce, AndyLWLondon, ONCA1976-791723142731111974-6 (95) by VAN
Taylor, ChrisCStratford, ONCA1994-04149112132481990-2 (27) by NYI
Zadorov, NikitaDMoscowRU2013-17145424281402013-1 (16) by BUF
Domi, MaxLWWinnipeg, MBCA2015-171402763901122013-1 (12) by PHX
Watson, AustinLWAnn Arbor, MIUS2012-17140919281312010-1 (18) by NSH
Schremp, RobCSyracuse, NYUS2006-11114203454262004-1 (25) by EDM
Caprice, FrankGHamilton, ONCA1982-881020331731.86011981-9 (178) by VAN
Athanasiou, AndreasCLondon, ONCA2015-17101271643332012-4 (110) by DET
Hutchinson, MichaelGBarrie, ONCA2013-1799000041.91032008-3 (77) by BOS
Anderson, JoshRWBurlington, ONCA2014-1796181634932012-4 (95) by CBJ
Hamilton, JimRWBarrie, ONCA1977-8595141832281977-2 (30) by PIT
Trader, LarryDBarry's Bay, ONCA1982-889151318741981-5 (86) by DET
Smyth, BradRWOttawa, ONCA1995-0388151328109
Tibbetts, BillyRWBoston, MAUS2000-03822810269
Campbell, ScottDToronto, ONCA1979-8280421252431977-1 (9) by STL
Hlushko, ToddCToronto, ONCA1993-987981321841990-12 (240) by WSH
Dvorak, ChristianLWPalos, ILUS2016-1778151833222014-2 (58) by ARI
Marner, MitchCMarkham, ONCA2016-1777194261382015-1 (4) by TOR
Tkachuk, MatthewLWScottsdale, AZUS2016-17761335481052016-1 (6) by CGY
Ing, PeterGToronto, ONCA1989-9474033620.87811988-3 (48) by TOR
Stienburg, TrevorRWKingston, ONCA1985-897184121611984-1 (15) by QUE
Brooks, GordRWCobourg, ONCA1971-757071825371970-4 (51) by STL
Potomski, BarryLWWindsor, ONCA1995-98686511227
Nigro, FrankCRichmond Hill, ONCA1982-846881826391979-5 (93) by TOR
McKegg, GregCSt. Thomas, ONCA2013-1765549242010-3 (62) by TOR
Dobbin, BrianRWPetrolia, ONCA1986-92637815611984-5 (100) by PHI
Nicholson, PaulLWListowel, ONCA1974-77624812181974-4 (55) by WSH
Syvret, DannyDMillgrove, ONCA2005-1159347302005-3 (81) by EDM
Griffith, SethCWallaceburg, ONCA2014-175861016182012-5 (131) by BOS
Tinordi, JarredDBurnsville, MNUS2012-1653066782010-1 (22) by MTL
McCarron, MichaelRWGrosse Pointe, MIUS2015-1751257782013-1 (25) by MTL
Varone, PhilCVaughan, ONCA2013-17505510182009-5 (147) by SJS
Richmond, DannyDChicago, ILUS2005-0849033752003-2 (31) by CAR
Schlegel, BradDKitchener, ONCA1991-9448189101988-7 (144) by WSH
Delparte, GuyLWPrince Albert, SKCA1976-7748189181969-6 (63) by MTL
Harrington, ScottDKingston, ONCA2014-1747134182011-2 (54) by PIT
Belanger, RogerCSt. Catharines, ONCA1984-8544358321984-1 (16) by PIT
Holbrook, TerryRWPetrolia, ONCA1972-744336941970-3 (38) by LAK
Korolev, EvgenyDMoscowSU1999-0242145201996-8 (192) by NYI
Korolev, EvgenyDMoscowSU1999-0242145201998-7 (182) by NYI
Thomas, RegLWLambeth, ONCA1979-8039971661973-2 (29) by CHI
Nicholson, NeilDSaint John, NBCA1972-7839314231969-6 (65) by OAK
Lemelin, RogerDIroquois Falls, ONCA1974-7836123271974-4 (56) by KCS
Rodney, BryanDLondon, ONCA2008-12341121312
Visheau, MarkDBurlington, ONCA1993-99291341071992-4 (84) by WIN
Price, TomDToronto, ONCA1974-7929022121974-4 (57) by CGS
Stevenson, ShayneRWNewmarket, ONCA1990-9327022351989-1 (17) by BOS
Osburn, RandyLWCollingwood, ONCA1972-752702201972-2 (27) by TOR
Thomas, ChristianRWToronto, ONCA2012-162712392010-2 (40) by NYR
Larman, DrewCCanton, MIUS2006-10262134
Tanner, JohnGCambridge, ONCA1989-922100062.88311989-3 (54) by QUE
Elie, RemiLWCornwall, ONCA2016-171816782013-2 (40) by DAL
Christian, JeffLWBurlington, ONCA1991-9818224171988-2 (23) by NJD
Smith, GemelCToronto, ONCA2016-1717336212012-4 (104) by DAL
McRae, PhilipCMinneapolis, MNUS2010-111512322008-2 (33) by STL
Pelech, MattRWToronto, ONCA2008-1413134382005-1 (26) by CGY
Evans, KevinLWPeterborough, ONCA1990-92901144
Jancevski, DanDWindsor, ONCA2005-09900021999-2 (66) by DAL
Stephens, CharlieC/RWLondon, ONCA2002-04802242001-6 (196) by COL
Stephens, CharlieC/RWLondon, ONCA2002-04802241999-2 (31) by WSH
Aliu, AkimRWOkeneNG2011-137213262007-2 (56) by CHI
Stolarz, AnthonyGEdison, NJUS2016-17700002.92812012-2 (45) by PHI
Haas, DavidLWToronto, ONCA1990-94721371986-5 (105) by EDM
Langdon, SteveLWToronto, ONCA1974-78701121973-4 (63) by BOS
Bergkvist, StefanDLeksandSE1995-97700091993-1 (26) by PIT
Simon, JasonLWSarnia, ONCA1993-975000341989-11 (215) by NJD
Austin, BradyDBobcaygeon, ONCA2016-17500042012-7 (193) by BUF
Geldart, GaryDMoncton, NBCA1970-71400051970-7 (89) by MNS
Stenlund, VernCThunder Bay, ONCA1976-77400001976-2 (23) by CGS
Nistico, LouCThunder Bay, ONCA1977-78300001973-7 (105) by MNS
McCord, DennisDChatham, ONCA1973-74300061972-8 (115) by VAN
Wheldon, DonDFalmouth, MAUS1974-75200001974-5 (87) by STL
Coleman, GeraldGRomeoville, ILUS2005-06200000.88202003-7 (224) by TBL
Stajduhar, NickDKitchener, ONCA1995-96200041993-1 (16) by EDM
Boland, MikeRWMontreal, QCCA1974-7520000
Pusey, ChrisGBrantford, ONCA1985-86100000.75001983-6 (106) by DET
McKay, ScottCBurlington, ONCA1993-9410000
Willis, JordanGKincardine, ONCA1995-96100000.92901993-10 (243) by DAL
Murray, MikeCKingston, ONCA1987-88100001984-5 (104) by NYI
Bois, DannyRWThunder Bay, ONCA2006-07100072001-3 (97) by COL
McMorrow, SeanLWVancouver, BCCA2002-03100002000-8 (258) by BUF
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