Kingston Canadians (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Coffey, PaulDWeston, ONCA1980-200114093961135153118021980-1 (6) by EDM
Muller, KirkLWKingston, ONCA1984-2003134935760295912281984-1 (2) by NJD
Nicholls, BernieCHaliburton, ONCA1981-19991127475734120912921980-4 (73) by LAK
Wells, JayDParis, ONCA1979-199710984721626323591979-1 (16) by LAK
McKegney, TonyLWMontreal, QCCA1978-19919123203196395171978-2 (32) by BUF
Linseman, KenCKingston, ONCA1978-199286025655180717251978-1 (7) by PHI
O'Connell, MikeDChicago, ILUS1977-19908601053354406051975-3 (43) by CHI
Muni, CraigDToronto, ONCA1981-1998819281191477751980-2 (25) by TOR
Kerr, TimC/RWWindsor, ONCA1980-1993655370304674596
Wilson, BehnDToronto, ONCA1978-19886019826135914801978-1 (6) by PHI
Dunn, RichieDBoston, MAUS1977-198948336140176314
Bourque, PhilLWChelmsford, MAUS1983-199647788111199516
Crombeen, MikeRWSarnia, ONCA1977-198547555681232181977-1 (5) by CLE
Poddubny, WaltLWThunder Bay, ONCA1981-19924681842384224541980-5 (90) by EDM
Elik, ToddCBrampton, ONCA1989-1997448110219329453
Anderson, PerryLWBarrie, ONCA1981-1992400505910910511980-6 (117) by STL
Raglan, HerbRWPeterborough, ONCA1985-19943433356897751985-2 (37) by STL
Pearson, ScottLWCornwall, ONCA1988-20002925642986151988-1 (6) by TOR
Chychrun, JeffDLaSalle, QCCA1986-1994262322257421984-2 (37) by PHI
Wilson, RikDLong Beach, CAUS1981-19882512565902201980-1 (12) by STL
Gillis, MikeLWSudbury, ONCA1978-19842463343761861978-1 (5) by CLR
Hotham, GregDLondon, ONCA1979-19852301574891391976-5 (84) by TOR
Fogarty, BryanDBrantford, ONCA1989-19951562252741191987-1 (9) by QUE
Belland, NeilDParry Sound, ONCA1981-198710913324554
Suzor, MarkDWindsor, ONCA1976-19786441620601976-1 (17) by PHI
Dobbin, BrianRWPetrolia, ONCA1986-1992637815611984-5 (100) by PHI
Driscoll, PeterLWKingston, ONCA1979-1981603811971974-4 (67) by TOR
McCarthy, TomLWToronto, ONCA1956-19616089178
Forbes, MikeDBrampton, ONCA1977-19825011112411977-3 (52) by BOS
Belanger, RogerCSt. Catharines, ONCA1984-198544358321984-1 (16) by PIT
Stothers, MikeDToronto, ONCA1984-198830022651980-1 (21) by PHI
Metcalfe, ScottLWToronto, ONCA1987-199019123181985-1 (20) by EDM
Howson, ScottCToronto, ONCA1984-1986185384
Moffat, MikeGGalt, ONCA1981-19841800027.82601980-8 (165) by BOS
Pooley, PaulCExeter, ONCA1984-1986150330
Laforge, MarcLWSudbury, ONCA1989-199414000641986-2 (32) by HAR
Plumb, RobLWKingston, ONCA1977-19791432521977-11 (163) by DET
Handy, RonLWToronto, ONCA1984-19881403301981-3 (57) by NYI
Dineen, PeterDKingston, ONCA1986-199013022131980-9 (189) by PHI
Holst, GregCMontreal, QCCA1975-19781100001974-8 (139) by NYR
Lowe, DarrenRWToronto, ONCA1983-198481230
Smith, DennisDDetroit, MIUS1989-199180004
Siltala, MikeRWToronto, ONCA1981-1988710121981-5 (89) by WSH
Seguin, SteveWCornwall, ONCA1984-1985500091982-3 (48) by LAK
Buynak, GordDDetroit, MIUS1974-1975400021974-3 (43) by STL
Seftel, SteveLWKitchener, ONCA1990-1991400021986-2 (40) by WSH
Scruton, HowardDToronto, ONCA1982-198340449
Clifford, ChrisGKingston, ONCA1984-19892000001.00001984-6 (111) by CHI
Forsyth, AlexCGalt, ONCA1976-1977100001975-1 (18) by WSH
Robinson, MoeDWinchester, ONCA1979-1980100001977-3 (49) by MTL