Sudbury Wolves (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Verbeek, PatRWSarnia, ONCA1982-20021424522540106229051982-3 (43) by NJD
Hunter, DaleCPetrolia, ONCA1980-19991407323697102035651979-2 (41) by QUE
O'Donnell, SeanDOttawa, ONCA1994-201212243119822918091991-6 (123) by BUF
Fisher, MikeCPeterborough, ONCA1999-201811042783115898151998-2 (44) by OTT
Carlyle, RandyDSudbury, ONCA1976-1993105514849964714001976-2 (30) by TOR
Foligno, MikeRWSudbury, ONCA1979-1994101835537272720471979-1 (3) by DET
Murray, GlenRWHalifax, NSCA1991-200810093373146516791991-1 (18) by BOS
Staios, SteveDHamilton, ONCA1995-201210015616422013221991-2 (27) by STL
Moreau, EthanLWHuntsville, ONCA1995-201292814714028711101994-1 (14) by CHI
Duguay, RonC/RWSudbury, ONCA1977-19898642743466205821977-1 (13) by NYR
Peca, MichaelCToronto, ONCA1993-20098641762894657981992-2 (40) by VAN
Pyatt, TaylorLWThunder Bay, ONCA2000-20148591401402804301999-1 (8) by NYI
Kelly, ChrisC/LWToronto, ONCA2003-20188451231682914171999-3 (94) by OTT
Wideman, DennisDKitchener, ONCA2005-2017815992883875032002-8 (241) by BUF
McKee, JayDKingston, ONCA1995-2010802211041256221995-1 (14) by BUF
Foligno, NickLWBuffalo, NYUS2007-20197751722334056332006-1 (28) by OTT
Staal, MarcDThunder Bay, ONCA2007-2019769381271653902005-1 (12) by NYR
Brown, JeffDOttawa, ONCA1985-19987471544305844981984-2 (36) by QUE
Hunter, DaveLWPetrolia, ONCA1979-19897461331903239181978-1 (17) by MTL
Mara, PaulDRidgewood, NJUS1998-2011734641892537761997-1 (7) by TBL
Beaupre, DonGWaterloo, ONCA1980-1997666088283268.885171980-2 (37) by MNS
Pouliot, BenoitLWAlfred, ONCA2006-20186251301332633712005-1 (4) by MIN
MacKenzie, DerekCSudbury, ONCA2001-201961151741253371999-5 (128) by ATL
Vail, EricLWTimmins, ONCA1973-19825912162604762811973-2 (21) by ATF
Fox, JimRWConiston, ONCA1980-19905781862934791431980-1 (10) by LAK
Hillier, RandyDToronto, ONCA1981-1992543161101269061980-5 (102) by BOS
Smith, MikeGKingston, ONCA2006-201953511213117223.913372001-5 (161) by DAL
McCourt, DaleCFalconbridge, ONCA1977-19845321942844781241977-1 (1) by DET
Allison, MikeLWFort Frances, ONCA1980-19904991021662686301980-2 (35) by NYR
Armstrong, DerekCOttawa, ONCA1993-2010477721492213551992-6 (128) by NYI
McQuaid, AdamDCharlottetown, PECA2009-20194681354676562005-2 (55) by CBJ
Rivers, JamieDOttawa, ONCA1995-20074541749663851993-3 (63) by STL
Foligno, MarcusLWBuffalo, NYUS2011-201943258821404132009-4 (104) by BUF
Farrish, DaveDWingham, ONCA1976-1984430171101274401976-2 (24) by NYR
Hudson, MikeC/LWGuelph, ONCA1988-199741649871364141986-7 (140) by CHI
Rychel, WarrenLWTecumseh, ONCA1988-19994063839771422
Holt, RandyDPembroke, ONCA1974-19843954374114381973-3 (45) by CHI
Wilson, MikeDBrampton, ONCA1995-20033361641572641993-1 (20) by VAN
McGrattan, BrianRWHamilton, ONCA2005-20153171017276091999-4 (104) by LAK
Fitzpatrick, RoryDRochester, NYUS1995-20082871025352011993-2 (47) by MTL
Schutt, RodLWBancroft, ONCA1977-198628677921691771976-1 (13) by MTL
Raycroft, AndrewGBelleville, ONCA2000-201228003314113.90091998-5 (135) by BOS
Pierce, RandyRWArnprior, ONCA1977-198527762761382231977-3 (47) by CLR
Frawley, DanRWSturgeon Falls, ONCA1983-19892733740776741980-10 (204) by CHI
Stortini, ZackRWElliot Lake, ONCA2006-20122571427417252003-3 (94) by EDM
Jarvis, WesCToronto, ONCA1979-1988237315586981978-14 (213) by WSH
Chiarot, BenDHamilton, ONCA2013-2019235837451542009-4 (120) by ATL
Kontos, ChrisLW/CToronto, ONCA1982-199323054691231031982-1 (15) by NYR
Smith, BradRWWindsor, ONCA1978-19872222834625931978-4 (57) by VAN
Faksa, RadekCVitkovCZ2015-20192113545801212012-1 (13) by DAL
Semenov, AlexeiDMurmanskSU2002-2009211726332491999-2 (36) by EDM
Marson, MikeLWScarborough, ONCA1974-19801962424482331974-2 (19) by WSH
DiPietro, PaulCSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1991-1997192314980961990-5 (102) by MTL
Marini, HectorRWTimmins, ONCA1978-19841542746732481977-3 (50) by NYI
McRae, KenCWinchester, ONCA1987-19941371421353641986-1 (18) by QUE
Gratton, JoshLWBrantford, ONCA2005-200986336294
Bonsignore, JasonCRochester, NYUS1994-19997931316341994-1 (4) by EDM
Corrado, FrankDToronto, ONCA2012-201876358402011-5 (150) by VAN
Bedard, JimGNiagara Falls, ONCA1977-1979730221017.87211976-6 (91) by WSH
Convery, BrandonCKingston, ONCA1995-19997291928361992-1 (8) by TOR
Bennett, AdamDGeorgetown, ONCA1991-1994693811691989-1 (6) by CHI
Leivo, JoshLWInnisfil, ONCA2013-201966111324272011-3 (86) by TOR
Brennan, KipLWKingston, ONCA2001-2008611122221998-4 (103) by LAK
Hrynewich, TimLWLeamington, ONCA1982-1984556814821982-2 (38) by PIT
Sgarbossa, MichaelCCampbellville, ONCA2012-201748281023
Baptiste, NicholasRWOttawa, ONCA2016-2018477310202013-3 (69) by BUF
McKendry, AlexWMidland, ONCA1977-198146369211976-1 (14) by NYI
Valiquette, SteveGEtobicoke, ONCA1999-201046011416.90541996-8 (190) by LAK
O'Dell, EricCOttawa, ONCA2013-201541358292008-2 (39) by ANA
Moore, BarrieLWLondon, ONCA1995-200039268181993-9 (220) by BUF
Duncanson, CraigLWSudbury, ONCA1985-199338549611985-1 (9) by LAK
Nedved, ZdenekRWLanyCS1994-1997314610141993-5 (123) by TOR
Milley, NormRWToronto, ONCA2001-200629246121998-2 (47) by BUF
Baby, JohnDSudbury, ONCA1977-1979262810261977-4 (59) by CLE
Defazio, DeanLWOttawa, ONCA1983-198422022281981-9 (175) by PIT
Tanner, JohnGCambridge, ONCA1989-19922100062.88311989-3 (54) by QUE
McRae, ChrisLWBeaverton, ONCA1987-199021101122
Hansen, RichieCBronx, NYUS1976-198220281041975-7 (119) by NYI
Gruhl, ScottLWPort Colborne, ONCA1981-1988203366
Titanic, MorrisLWToronto, ONCA1974-19761900001973-1 (12) by BUF
Fedorov, FedorCAppatitySU2002-200618022142001-3 (66) by VAN
Watson, DaveLWKirkland Lake, ONCA1979-198118011101978-4 (58) by CLR
Fedorov, FedorCAppatitySU2002-200618022141999-6 (182) by TBL
Laforge, MarcLWSudbury, ONCA1989-199414000641986-2 (32) by HAR
Middendorf, MaxRWSyracuse, NYUS1986-19911324661985-3 (57) by QUE
Gagnon, SeanDSault Ste. Marie, ONCA1997-20011201134
McTavish, GordCGuelph, ONCA1978-19801113421974-1 (15) by MTL
Jancevski, DanDWindsor, ONCA2005-2009900021999-2 (66) by DAL
McLean, DonDNiagara Falls, ONCA1975-1976900061974-2 (35) by PHI
Moher, MikeRWManitouwadge, ONCA1982-19839011281982-6 (106) by NJD
Jaspers, JasonCThunder Bay, ONCA2001-2004901161999-3 (71) by PHX
Kahun, DominikCPlanaCZ2018-201981450
Aliu, AkimRWOkeneNG2011-20137213262007-2 (56) by CHI
Sands, MikeGMississauga, ONCA1984-1987600020.86401981-2 (31) by MNS
Goverde, DavidGToronto, ONCA1991-1994501101.80801990-5 (91) by LAK
Simon, JasonLWSarnia, ONCA1993-19975000341989-11 (215) by NJD
McCarthy, DanCSt. Marys, ONCA1980-1981540441978-15 (223) by NYR
Rivers, ShawnDOttawa, ONCA1992-199340222
Lenarduzzi, MikeGLondon, ONCA1992-1994400001.89901990-3 (57) by HAR
Carrick, TrevorDStouffville, ONCA2015-2018300022012-4 (115) by CAR
Sylvestri, DonGSudbury, ONCA1984-1985300020.88501981-9 (182) by BOS
McFarland, JohnLWRichmond Hill, ONCA2015-2016300002010-2 (33) by FLA
Staal, JaredRW2012-2013200022008-2 (49) by PHX
Barnes, RyanLWDunnville, ONCA2003-2004200001998-2 (55) by DET
Colley, TomCToronto, ONCA1974-1975100021973-4 (57) by MNS
Capobianco, KyleDMississauga, ONCA2017-2018100002015-3 (63) by ARI
MacDonald, KevinDPrescott, ONCA1993-199410002
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