Windsor Spitfires (OHL) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Spezza, JasonCToronto, ONCA2002-202111293416019425762001-1 (2) by OTT
Jovanovski, EdDWindsor, ONCA1995-2014112813736350014911994-1 (1) by FLA
Cooke, MattCBelleville, ONCA1998-2015104616723139811351997-6 (144) by VAN
Stillman, CoryLWPeterborough, ONCA1994-201110252784497274891992-1 (6) by CGY
Bailey, JoshCBowmanville, ONCA2008-20218691543234772312008-1 (9) by NYI
Ott, SteveCSummerside, PECA2002-201784810917928815552000-1 (25) by DAL
York, JasonDNepean, ONCA1992-2007757421872296211990-7 (129) by DET
Gleason, TimDClawson, MIUS2003-2015727171251427012001-1 (23) by OTT
Fowler, CamDWindsor, ONCA2010-2021684682343021852010-1 (12) by ANA
Henrique, AdamCBrantford, ONCA2010-20216701871923792042008-3 (82) by NJD
Hall, TaylorLWCalgary, ABCA2010-20216322193505693502010-1 (1) by EDM
Rupp, MikeCCleveland, OHUS2002-20146105445998551998-1 (9) by NYI
Ellis, RyanDHamilton, ONCA2011-2021531701832531792009-1 (11) by NSH
Kassian, ZackRWWindsor, ONCA2011-202153082961787872009-1 (13) by BUF
Wellwood, KyleCWindsor, ONCA2003-201348992143235362001-5 (134) by TOR
Panik, RichardRWMartinCS2012-202147484981822562009-2 (52) by TBL
Warriner, ToddLWBlenheim, ONCA1994-200345365891542491992-1 (4) by QUE
Downie, SteveRWNewmarket, ONCA2007-20164347612019610572005-1 (29) by PHI
Bickell, BryanLWBowmanville, ONCA2006-201739566701361922004-2 (41) by CHI
Nolan, JordanCGarden River, First Nations, ONCA2011-20193752428523472009-7 (186) by LAK
Allison, JamieDLindsay, ONCA1994-2006372723306391993-2 (44) by CGY
Weber, MikeDPittsburgh, PAUS2007-2016351944534372006-2 (57) by BUF
Janssen, CamRWSt. Louis, MOUS2005-201433668147742002-4 (117) by NJD
Ward, JasonRWChapleau, ONCA1999-20093363645811711997-1 (11) by MTL
Webb, SteveRWPeterborough, ONCA1996-2004321513185321994-7 (176) by BUF
Watson, AustinLWAnn Arbor, MIUS2012-20213103741783642010-1 (18) by NSH
Neuvirth, MichalGUsti Nad LabemCS2008-20192570446105.910112006-2 (34) by WSH
Kuhnhackl, TomRWLandshutDE2015-2020232183654602010-4 (110) by PIT
Sergachev, MikhailDNizhnekamskRU2016-202123125821071262016-1 (9) by MTL
Storr, JamieGBrampton, ONCA1994-20042190332685.908161994-1 (7) by LAK
Fischer, ChristianRWChicago, ILUS2016-2021218352863572015-2 (32) by ARI
Grubauer, PhilippGRosenheimDE2012-2021178022282.920122010-4 (112) by WSH
Roche, DaveLWLindsay, ONCA1995-20021711515303341993-3 (62) by PIT
Loktionov, AndreiCVoskresenskSU2009-2014155222648222008-5 (123) by LAK
Koekkoek, SlaterDWinchester, ONCA2014-202115582230882012-1 (10) by TBL
O'Reilly, CalCToronto, ONCA2008-2018145163349142005-5 (150) by NSH
Lemieux, BrendanLWDenver, COUS2017-20211351917362442014-2 (31) by BUF
Heins, ShawnDEganville, ONCA1998-200412541216154
Leighton, MichaelGPetrolia, ONCA2002-2017110044637.90041999-6 (165) by CHI
Gratton, JoshLWBrantford, ONCA2005-200986336294
Wilson, GarrettLWBarrie, ONCA2013-201984268422009-4 (107) by FLA
Jordan, MichalDZlinCS2012-201679347182008-4 (105) by CAR
Campbell, JackGPort Huron, MIUS2013-202165011024.91622010-1 (11) by DAL
Brennan, KipLWKingston, ONCA2001-2008611122221998-4 (103) by LAK
Ho-Sang, JoshuaC/RWToronto, ONCA2016-20195371724202014-1 (28) by NYI
Smith, D.J.DWindsor, ONCA1996-200345112671995-2 (41) by NYI
Rychel, KerbyLWTorrance, CAUS2014-20194331114192013-1 (19) by CBJ
Wellwood, EricLWWindsor, ONCA2010-201331551042009-6 (172) by PHI
Brown, LoganCRaleigh, NCUS2017-20202918942016-1 (11) by OTT
Hackett, MattGLondon, ONCA2011-20152600004.90602009-3 (77) by MIN
Timmins, ScottC2010-201324101122009-6 (165) by FLA
MacDermid, LaneLWHartford, CTUS2011-201421224362009-4 (112) by BOS
Fedorov, FedorCAppatitySU2002-200618022141999-6 (182) by TBL
Elich, MattRWDetroit, MIUS1999-20011611201997-3 (61) by TBL
Nemisz, GregRW2010-20121501102008-1 (25) by CGY
Vilardi, GabrielCKingston, ONCA2019-20211454962017-1 (11) by LAK
Helbling, TimoDBaselCH2005-20071101181999-6 (162) by NSH
Davis, PatrickRWSterling, MIUS2008-2010910102005-4 (99) by NJD
Bowler, BillCToronto, ONCA2000-200190228
Khokhlachev, AlexanderCMoscowRU2013-2016900022011-2 (40) by BOS
Murphy, TrevorDWindsor, ONCA2017-201881230
Cundari, MarkDToronto, ONCA2012-201481232
Aliu, AkimRWOkeneNG2011-20137213262007-2 (56) by CHI
Sarno, PeterCToronto, ONCA2003-2006710121997-6 (141) by EDM
Zehr, JeffLWWoodstock, ONCA1999-2000400021997-2 (31) by NYI
Stanley, LoganDCA2020-2021300022016-1 (18) by WPG
Shugg, JustinLWNiagara Falls, ONCA2014-2015300022010-4 (105) by CAR
Cirone, JasonCToronto, ONCA1991-1992300021989-3 (46) by WIN
Dipietro, MichaelGWindsor, ONCA2018-2020200000.74202017-3 (64) by VAN
Shearer, RobCKitchener, ONCA2000-200120000
Sieloff, PatrickDAnn Arbor, MIUS2015-2018220222012-2 (42) by CGY
Scott, TravisGKanata, ONCA2000-2001100000.7000
Blacker, JesseDToronto, ONCA2014-2015100002009-2 (58) by TOR