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NHL Standard career statistics
Scoring Goals Assists Shots Ice Time
Season Age Tm Lg GP G A PTS +/- PIM EV PP SH GW EV PP SH S S% TOI ATOI Awards
3 yrsTORNHL8000-30000000020.0
3 yrsATLNHL128088-381160000800670.0225917:39
1 yrWSHNHL600024000000020.096
1 yrNYINHL70268-16682000600355.7127718:15
Career8 yrsNHL21221416-55188200014001061.9363218:20
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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is David Harlock?

David Harlock is 52 years old.

When was David Harlock born?

David Harlock was born on March 16, 1971.

Where was David Harlock born?

David Harlock was born in Toronto, Canada.

How tall is David Harlock?

David Harlock is 6-2 (188 cm) tall.

How much did David Harlock weigh when playing?

David Harlock weighed 215 lbs (97 kg) when playing.

Is David Harlock in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

David Harlock has not been elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

How many goals did David Harlock have?

David Harlock had 2 goals over his career.

How many points did David Harlock have?

David Harlock had 16 points over his career.

How many Stanley Cups has David Harlock won?

David Harlock has never won a Stanley Cup as a player.

When did David Harlock retire?

David Harlock last played in 2002.