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Regular Season

Regular Season Table
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak
11953-10-11Montreal Canadiens41W100W 1
21953-10-15Toronto Maple Leafs14L110L 1
31953-10-17@Montreal Canadiens25L120L 2
41953-10-18New York Rangers32W220W 1
51953-10-22@New York Rangers34L230L 1
61953-10-24@Toronto Maple Leafs32W330W 1
71953-10-25@Chicago Black Hawks43W430W 2
81953-10-31@Detroit Red Wings31W530W 3
91953-11-01@Chicago Black Hawks00T531T 1
101953-11-05Chicago Black Hawks42W631W 1
111953-11-07@Montreal Canadiens25L641L 1
121953-11-08Montreal Canadiens20W741W 1
131953-11-11Detroit Red Wings22T742T 1
141953-11-14@Toronto Maple Leafs02L752L 1
151953-11-15Toronto Maple Leafs11T753T 1
161953-11-19@Detroit Red Wings23L763L 1
171953-11-20@Chicago Black Hawks20W863W 1
181953-11-22Montreal Canadiens22T864T 1
191953-11-25@New York Rangers35L874L 1
201953-11-26New York Rangers52W974W 1
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak
211953-11-29Toronto Maple Leafs21W1074W 2
221953-12-03Chicago Black Hawks31W1174W 3
231953-12-05@Montreal Canadiens24L1184L 1
241953-12-06Montreal Canadiens27L1194L 2
251953-12-10Detroit Red Wings63W1294W 1
261953-12-12@Detroit Red Wings17L12104L 1
271953-12-13@Chicago Black Hawks22T12105T 1
281953-12-16@New York Rangers34L12115L 1
291953-12-17Toronto Maple Leafs32W13115W 1
301953-12-19@Montreal Canadiens37L13125L 1
311953-12-20Detroit Red Wings24L13135L 2
321953-12-25Chicago Black Hawks41W14135W 1
331953-12-27@Detroit Red Wings12L14145L 1
341953-12-29@New York Rangers62W15145W 1
351954-01-01New York Rangers12L15155L 1
361954-01-02@Montreal Canadiens11T15156T 1
371954-01-07@Detroit Red Wings13L15166L 1
381954-01-09@Toronto Maple Leafs23L15176L 2
391954-01-10Chicago Black Hawks53W16176W 1
401954-01-14Detroit Red Wings12L16186L 1
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak
411954-01-16@Montreal Canadiens12L16196L 2
421954-01-17Montreal Canadiens32W17196W 1
431954-01-20@New York Rangers38L17206L 1
441954-01-21@Chicago Black Hawks32W18206W 1
451954-01-23New York Rangers34L18216L 1
461954-01-24New York Rangers21W19216W 1
471954-01-28Chicago Black Hawks32W20216W 2
481954-01-30@Toronto Maple Leafs24L20226L 1
491954-01-31Toronto Maple Leafs20W21226W 1
501954-02-04@Detroit Red Wings05L21236L 1
511954-02-06Detroit Red Wings24L21246L 2
521954-02-07Detroit Red Wings11T21247T 1
531954-02-10@Toronto Maple Leafs32W22247W 1
541954-02-11Toronto Maple Leafs13L22257L 1
551954-02-13New York Rangers10W23257W 1
561954-02-14Montreal Canadiens41W24257W 2
571954-02-17@New York Rangers12L24267L 1
581954-02-20@Toronto Maple Leafs23L24277L 2
591954-02-21@Chicago Black Hawks43W25277W 1
601954-02-24@New York Rangers53W26277W 2
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak
611954-03-04Montreal Canadiens11T26278T 1
621954-03-06@Montreal Canadiens33T26279T 2
631954-03-07Chicago Black Hawks60W27279W 1
641954-03-11New York Rangers10W28279W 2
651954-03-13@Toronto Maple Leafs21W29279W 3
661954-03-14Toronto Maple Leafs30W30279W 4
671954-03-16Detroit Red Wings42W31279W 5
681954-03-18@Detroit Red Wings33T312710T 1
691954-03-19@Chicago Black Hawks07L312810L 1
701954-03-21Chicago Black Hawks95W322810W 1


Playoffs Table
GP Date Opponent GF GA W L T Streak
11954-03-23@Montreal Canadiens02L010L 1
21954-03-25@Montreal Canadiens18L020L 2
31954-03-28Montreal Canadiens34L030L 3
41954-03-30Montreal Canadiens02L040L 4
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