NHL & WHA Players with Last Names Starting with W

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Index of Letters

Active players are listed in bold.
Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame are marked with an asterisk (*).

407 Players

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Don Waddell (1981-1981, D)

Austin Wagner (2019-2020, LW)

Chris Wagner (2015-2020, C)

Steve Wagner (2008-2009, D)

Mitch Wahl (C)

Oliver Wahlstrom (2020-2020, RW)

Frank Waite (1931-1931, C)

Jimmy Waite (1989-1999, G)

Darcy Wakaluk (1989-1997, G)

Ernie Wakely (1963-1972, G)

Daniel Walcott (D)

Scott Walford (D)

Sebastian Walfridsson (D)

Gord Walker (1987-1990, RW)

Howard Walker (1981-1983, D)

Jack Walker (1927-1928, F)

Jared Walker (C)

Jonathan Walker (D)

Julian Walker (W)

Kurt Walker (1976-1978, D)

Luke Walker (RW)

Matt Walker (2003-2012, D)

Nathan Walker (2018-2019, C)

Russ Walker (1977-1978, RW)

Samuel Walker (C)

Scott Walker (1995-2010, RW)

Sean Walker (2019-2020, D)

Bob Wall (1965-1972, D)

Kevin Wall (RW)

Michael Wall (2007-2007, G)

Tyler Wall (G)

Tim Wallace (2009-2013, RW)

Erik Walli Walterholm (RW)

Jesse Wallin (2000-2003, D)

Niclas Wallin (2001-2011, D)

Peter Wallin (1981-1982, RW)

Rickard Wallin (2003-2010, C)

Lucas Wallmark (2017-2020, C)

Jake Walman (D)

Derrick Walser (2002-2007, D)

Brian Walsh (C)

Dustin Walsh (C)

Ed Walsh (G)

Flat Walsh (1927-1933, G)

Jim Walsh (1982-1982, D)

Marty Walsh (C)

Mike Walsh (LW)

Mike Walsh (1988-1989, W)

Reilly Walsh (D)

Tom Walsh (D)

Ben Walter (2006-2010, C)

Dave Walter (C)

Ryan Walter (1979-1993, C/LW)

Nicholas Walters (D)

Ron Walters (C)

Isak Walther (RW)

Bobby Walton (1944-1944, C/RW)

Mike Walton (1966-1979, C)

Rob Walton (C)

Wes Walz (1990-2008, C)

Rick Wamsley (1981-1993, G)

Tom Wandell (2009-2013, C)

Sebastian Wannstrom (RW)

Kyle Wanvig (2003-2008, RW)

Gord Wappel (1980-1982, D)

Aaron Ward (1994-2010, D)

Cam Ward (2006-2019, G)

Dixon Ward (1993-2003, RW)

Don Ward (1958-1960, D)

Ed Ward (1994-2001, RW)

Jason Ward (2000-2009, RW)

Jimmy Ward (1928-1939, RW)

Joe Ward (1981-1981, C)

Joel Ward (2007-2018, RW)

Lance Ward (2001-2004, D)

Michael Ward (D)

Ron Ward (1970-1972, C)

Jeff Ware (1997-1999, D)

Michael Ware (1989-1990, RW)

Eddie Wares (1937-1947, D/RW)

Stefan Warg (D)

Max Warn (LW)

Bob Warner (1977-1977, D)

Hunter Warner (D)

Jim Warner (1980-1980, RW)

Steve Warr (D)

Brendan Warren (LW)

Marshall Warren (D)

Rhett Warrener (1996-2008, D)

Todd Warriner (1995-2003, LW)

David Warsofsky (2014-2018, D)

Billy Warwick (1943-1944, LW)

Grant Warwick (1942-1950, RW)

Steve Washburn (1996-2001, C)

Keean Washkurak (C)

Nick Wasnie (1928-1935, RW)

Francis Wathier (2010-2013, LW)

Matt Watkins (2012-2012, RW)

Austin Watson (2013-2020, LW)

Bill Watson (1986-1989, RW)

Bryan Watson (1964-1979, D)

Clifford Watson (D)

Dave Watson (1980-1981, LW)

Greg Watson (C)

Harry Watson (LW)

Harry Watson (1942-1957, LW)

Jim Watson (1964-1972, D)

Jimmy Watson (1973-1982, D)

Joe Watson (1965-1979, D)

Phil Watson (1936-1948, RW/C)

Ryan Watson (LW)

Spencer Watson (RW)

J.D. Watt (RW)

Jim Watt (1974-1974, G)

Mike Watt (1998-2003, LW)

Tim Watters (1982-1995, D)

Brian Watts (1976-1976, LW)

Geoff Waugh (D)

Jordan Weal (2016-2020, C)

Jasper Weatherby (C)

Mike Weaver (2002-2015, D)

Reilly Webb (D)

Steve Webb (1997-2004, RW)

Cade Webber (D)

Jeff Weber (G)

Mike Weber (2008-2016, D)

Shea Weber (2006-2020, D)

Will Weber (D)

Yannick Weber (2009-2020, D)

Aubrey Webster (1931-1935, RW)

Chick Webster (1950-1950, C)

Don Webster (1944-1944, LW)

Mckade Webster (LW)

Tom Webster (1969-1980, RW)

Scott Wedgewood (2016-2018, G)

Matthew Wedman (C)

MacKenzie Weegar (2017-2020, D)

Kevin Weekes (1998-2009, G)

Steve Weeks (1981-1993, G)

Joe Wegwerth (RW)

Doug Weight (1992-2011, C)

Cooney Weiland (1929-1939, C)

Tyler Weiman (2008-2008, G)

Evan Weinger (F)

Mattias Weinhandl (2003-2007, RW)

Eric Weinrich (1989-2006, D)

Stan Weir (1973-1983, C)

Wally Weir (1980-1985, D)

Dale Weise (2011-2019, RW)

Stephen Weiss (2002-2015, C)

Tyler Weiss (LW)

Linus Weissbach (LW)

Noah Welch (2006-2011, D)

Andy Welinski (2018-2019, D)

Patrick Wellar (D)

Craig Weller (2008-2009, RW)

Justin Weller (D)

Shawn Weller (LW)

Alex Wellington (1920-1920, RW)

Casey Wellman (2010-2014, C)

Chris Wells (1996-2000, C)

Dylan Wells (G)

Jay Wells (1980-1997, D)

Eric Wellwood (2011-2013, LW)

Kyle Wellwood (2004-2013, C)

Jeremy Welsh (2012-2016, C)

Alexander Wennberg (2015-2020, C)

John Wensink (1974-1983, LW)

Cy Wentworth (1928-1940, D)

Ethan Werek (C)

Brad Werenka (1993-2001, D)

Zach Werenski (2017-2020, D)

Adam Werner (2020-2020, G)

Steve Werner (RW)

Brian Wesenberg (1999-1999, RW)

Blake Wesley (1980-1986, D)

Glen Wesley (1988-2008, D)

Josh Wesley (D)

Jase Weslosky (G)

John Wessbecker (D)

Steve West (C)

Kristofer Westblom (G)

Duvie Westcott (2002-2008, D)

Pathrik Westerholm (C)

Filip Westerlund (D)

Ed Westfall (1962-1979, D/RW)

Marcus Westfalt (C)

Kevin Westgarth (2009-2014, RW)

John Westin (LW)

David Westlund (D)

Tommy Westlund (2000-2003, RW)

Wilhelm Westlund (D)

Erik Westrum (2004-2007, C)

Pat Westrum (D)

Harry Westwick (R)

Carl Wetzel (1965-1968, G)

Patrick Wey (2014-2014, D)

Kenny Wharram (1952-1969, RW/C)

Kyle Wharton (D)

Len Wharton (1945-1945, D)

Mitchell Wheaton (D)

Simon Wheeldon (1988-1991, C)

Blake Wheeler (2009-2020, RW)

Don Wheldon (1975-1975, D)

Bill Whelton (1981-1981, D)

Bob Whidden (G)

Rob Whistle (1986-1988, D)

Fred Whitcroft (R)

Alton White (RW)

Bill White (1968-1976, D)

Brian White (1999-1999, D)

Colin White (2000-2012, D)

Colin White (2017-2020, C)

Colton White (2019-2019, D)

Ian White (2006-2013, D)

Moe White (1946-1946, LW/C)

Patrick White (C)

Peter White (1994-2004, C)

Ryan White (2010-2017, C)

Sherman White (1947-1950, C)

Tex White (1926-1931, RW)

Todd White (1998-2011, C)

Tony White (1975-1980, LW)

Zach Whitecloud (2018-2018, D)

Bob Whitelaw (1941-1942, D)

Trent Whitfield (2001-2012, C)

Bob Whitlock (1970-1970, C)

Derek Whitmore (2012-2012, LW)

Kay Whitmore (1989-2002, G)

Brandon Whitney (G)

Joe Whitney (2014-2015, RW)

Ray Whitney (1992-2014, LW)

Ryan Whitney (2006-2014, D)

Sean Whyte (1992-1993, RW)

Roman Wick (2011-2011, RW)

Doug Wickenheiser (1981-1990, C)

Chris Wideman (2016-2019, D)

Dennis Wideman (2006-2017, D)

Juha Widing (1970-1977, C)

Jason Widmer (1995-1997, D)

Art Wiebe (1933-1944, D)

Manuel Wiederer (C)

Manuel Wiederer (F)

Jason Wiemer (1995-2006, C)

Jim Wiemer (1984-1994, D)

Patrick Wiercioch (2011-2017, D)

Fred Wikner (LW)

John Wikner (LW)

Mikael Wikstrand (D)

Adam Wilcox (2018-2018, G)

Archie Wilcox (1930-1935, RW/D)

Barry Wilcox (1973-1975, RW)

Cody Wild (D)

Bode Wilde (D)

Arch Wilder (1941-1941, LW)

Jim Wiley (1973-1977, C)

Bob Wilkie (1991-1994, D)

Christopher Wilkie (RW)

David Wilkie (1995-2001, D)

Ian Wilkie (G)

Barry Wilkins (1967-1976, D)

Derek Wilkinson (1996-1999, G)

John Wilkinson (1944-1944, D)

Neil Wilkinson (1990-1999, D)

Brian Wilks (1985-1989, C)

Roman Will (2016-2016, G)

Rod Willard (1983-1983, LW)

Reece Willcox (D)

Burr Williams (1934-1937, D)

Butch Williams (1974-1976, RW)

Colby Williams (D)

Darryl Williams (1993-1993, LW)

David Williams (1992-1995, D)

Fred Williams (1977-1977, C)

Gord Williams (1982-1983, RW)

Jason Williams (2001-2012, C)

Jeremy Williams (2006-2011, RW)

Justin Williams (2001-2019, RW)

Nigel Williams (D)

Sean Williams (1992-1992, C)

Stephon Williams (G)

Tiger Williams (1975-1988, LW)

Tom Williams (1972-1979, LW)

Tommy Williams (1962-1976, RW)

Gary Williamson (LW)

Mike Williamson (D)

Hal Willis (D)

Jordan Willis (1996-1996, G)

Shane Willis (1999-2004, RW)

Maxwell Willman (C)

Brian Willsie (2000-2011, RW)

Don Willson (1938-1939, C)

Clarke Wilm (1999-2006, C)

Behn Wilson (1979-1988, D)

Bert Wilson (1974-1981, LW)

Bob Wilson (1954-1954, D)

Carey Wilson (1984-1993, C)

Clay Wilson (2008-2012, D)

Colin Wilson (2010-2020, C)

Cully Wilson (1920-1927, RW)

Doug Wilson (1978-1993, D)

Dunc Wilson (1970-1979, G)

Garrett Wilson (2014-2019, LW)

Gord Wilson (LW)

Hub Wilson (1932-1932, LW)

Jason Wilson (LW)

Jerry Wilson (1957-1957, C)

Johnny Wilson (1950-1962, LW)

Kyle Wilson (2010-2012, C)

Landon Wilson (1996-2009, RW)

Larry Wilson (1950-1956, C)

Lefty Wilson (1954-1958, G)

Mike Wilson (1996-2003, D)

Mitch Wilson (1985-1987, C)

Murray Wilson (1973-1979, LW)

Phat Wilson (D)

Rick Wilson (1974-1977, D)

Rik Wilson (1982-1988, D)

Roger Wilson (1975-1975, D)

Ron Wilson (1978-1988, D)

Ron Wilson (1980-1994, C)

Ryan Wilson (2010-2015, D)

Scott Wilson (2015-2019, C/LW)

Tom Wilson (2014-2020, RW)

Wally Wilson (1948-1948, C)

Brad Winchester (2006-2012, LW)

Jesse Winchester (2008-2014, C)

Murray Wing (1974-1974, D)

Tommy Wingels (2011-2018, C)

Hal Winkler (1927-1928, G)

Scott Winkler (C)

Chris Winnes (1992-1994, RW)

Ben Winnett (LW)

Daniel Winnik (2008-2018, C/LW)

Bob Winograd (D)

Mike Winther (C)

Petteri Wirtanen (2008-2008, C)

Jake Wise (C)

Brian Wiseman (1997-1997, C)

Chad Wiseman (2003-2006, LW)

Eddie Wiseman (1933-1942, RW)

Ty Wishart (2009-2012, D)

James Wisniewski (2006-2016, D)

Jim Wiste (1969-1971, C)

Johan Witehall (1999-2001, LW)

Jim Witherspoon (1976-1976, D)

Steve Witiuk (1952-1952, RW)

Luke Witkowski (2015-2020, D)

Brendan Witt (1996-2010, D)

Eddie Wittchow (D)

David Wohlberg (C)

Benny Woit (1951-1957, RW/D)

Steve Wojciechowski (1945-1947, RW)

Christian Wolanin (2018-2019, D)

Craig Wolanin (1986-1998, D)

Bennett Wolf (1981-1983, D)

David Wolf (2015-2015, LW)

Dustin Wolf (G)

Bernie Wolfe (1976-1979, G)

Joseph Woll (G)

Wojtek Wolski (2006-2013, LW)

Austin Wong (C)

Mike Wong (1976-1976, C)

Jett Woo (D)

Alex Wood (1937-1937, G)

Dody Wood (1993-1998, C)

Kyle Wood (D)

Miles Wood (2016-2020, LW)

Randy Wood (1987-1997, LW/C)

Robert Wood (1951-1951, D)

Wayne Wood (G)

Mike Woodford (RW)

Dan Woodley (1988-1988, RW)

Brendan Woods (2015-2016, LW)

Paul Woods (1978-1984, LW)

Jason Woolley (1992-2006, D)

William Worge Kreu (D)

Peter Worrell (1998-2004, LW)

Gump Worsley (1953-1974, G)

Roy Worters (1926-1937, G)

Chris Worthy (1969-1971, G)

Kevin Wortman (1994-1994, D)

Parker Wotherspoon (D)

Tyler Wotherspoon (2014-2017, D)

Mark Wotton (1995-2001, D)

Chase Wouters (F)

Bob Woytowich (1965-1972, D)

Jeff Woywitka (2006-2012, D)

Andy Wozniewski (2006-2010, D)

Ken Wregget (1984-2000, G)

Bob Wren (1998-2002, C)

William Wrenn (D)

Ben Wright (D)

James Wright (2010-2014, C)

Jamie Wright (1998-2003, LW)

John Wright (1973-1975, C)

Keith Wright (1968-1968, LW)

Larry Wright (1972-1978, C)

Tyler Wright (1993-2006, C)

Geordie Wudrick (LW)

Austin Wuthrich (RW)

Ralph Wycherley (1941-1942, LW)

Bill Wylie (1951-1951, C)

Duane Wylie (1975-1977, C)

Wyatte Wylie (D)

J.T. Wyman (2010-2013, RW)

Randy Wyrozub (1971-1974, C)

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